10 Steps to Plan A Successful Event

Whether you were selected to plan an event or if you volunteered to plan for an event, we know it is a huge responsibility with many tasks involved. Here is the basic framework to get you started.


Step 1 Determine the Goal of Your Event

Define what objectives and outcomes of the event

Identify target audience and event emphasis

Step 2 Decide on a date and time for the event

Organize a team to handle specific details (for eg. Sourcing venue, sourcing sponsors, logistics, registration, etc)

Step 3 Consider the location and type of facilities needed to host event

When making overall decisions, consider that the event is all about creating a memorable and unique experience for your attendees

Step 4 Organize a team or form partnerships with other organizations to assist with execution of the event

Identify their roles

Step 5 Figure out the finances and budget for the event

Identify realistic and necessary true cost and plan potential revenue and expenses

Step 6 Create a timeline for the event

Outline administrative processes, document who is responsible

Communicate this timeline to everyone involved in the event

Step 7 Determine Key decisions:

  • Program – Determine order of activities, execute agenda items and how to communicate program to attendees
  • Speakers – First, you would have to source for your speakers, and then identify topics, as this is a deciding factor for most of your attendees. Consider the time frame for each speaker and host him or her warmly.
  • Equipment – Identify equipment needed, source for equipment within budget and responsible to pick up and return the equipment
  • Publicity – Identify methods will be used to publicize the event or activity. Make use of both online and offline marketing tools to stay within budget. Appoint someone to be responsible for disseminating information.
Step 8 Take into consideration other special needs, such as:

  • Nice Food
  • Entertainment
  • Decorations
  • Photography/Videography
Step 9 Determine Evaluation Process

Was the event a success, did it manage to fulfill what you initially plan to achieve?

Send out an evaluation and thank you notes to your attendees, this information  would be important for future events

Step 10 Now that you have a basic idea of what planning an event entails, your next step is to get in on the action!


1 Day HTML/CSS Weekend Crash Course

Type in “HTML crash course” on Google and you can find detailed information on learning HTML, so why should you attend this crash course?


We understand that self-learning can be pretty frustrating and not everyone has the luxury to attend a 3-month HTML course while working or attending school. So a 1-day crash course will equip you with a strong foundation for you to build your revisions on.

Your primary goal is to get your “hands dirty” and make tons of mistakes!
It is through mistakes that we learn and remember.

The agenda for our course includes:

  • Understanding the link to HTML, browsers, server and internet history
  • “Why” and “How” code works
  • HTML tags, CSS techniques and basic JavaScript
  • Incorporate plugins and embedding onto your current site
  • Exercise good coding habits
  • Recognise good designs
  • Building a beautiful web page from scratch with CSS framework like Bootstrap

Join in on the action

Bring your laptop on the 22nd March 2014 Saturday, at Plugin Blk 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent.
Meet our amazing speakers and network with other attendees. We hope to see you soon!


We promise you that you will walk away confident with using HTML, achieve better coding habits and get resources to dive in from building your website from scratch.

To register please visit: http://www.eventnook.com/event/html-crash-course-mar2014/home

No More Manual Registration! Save 80% of Time With Online Registration

As an event organizer, you have a hectic job of planning for a Christmas party or a global seminar.

In the world of event planning, there is a continual challenge of meeting deadlines and fixing problems that arise real time. Manual registration is a labor-intensive process to train people to carefully collect and retrieve data, collect manual payments and manage good customer service.

What if you could capture all these information at once, without any data entry? Here are some ways that online event registration and ticketing can significantly save time to plan for your next event.

  • Register On the Go

    Most of your attendees expect to be able to register for events online. Online registration overcomes the hassle of having you manually collect data one by one. Your information can be simply entered and recorded efficiently. You could also save time by creating an event or register for one on the go, as long as there is Internet connection. Providing a convenient way for people to register for events can result in an increase in attendance.
  • Automatic Bill Pay

    Manually collecting cash and cheques from your attendees can be a tedious event. Automating payment transactions can help you reduce the time needed to check for discrepancies. Time is usually wasted when following up with your attendees to solve the issue. Online event registration payments are encrypted, safe and can be processed immediately on our websites. Additionally, invoices are automatically sent to your attendees when a payment transaction has been successfully made.
  • Event Efficiency

    Human errors such as duplication or lost registrations are common when you use manual registration processes. Thus, causing confusion and disappointment to your attendees.  With online registration functions, we have features that eliminate these errors. Information can also be tracked real-time, allowing you, as an event organizer to focus your efforts on other areas of the event, providing the most valuable event for your attendees.
  • One click Export and Share Button
    With online registration, you can easily reduce a 2-step process of creating an excel sheet and emailing, to a 1-step process by clicking on our Google Drive button, where you can easily share your attendees list with other event organizers. No one needs to commit hours to input data manually on excel spreadsheet when it can be conveniently consolidated with a click of a button to “Export List As Excel.”

Sign up now with EventNook! We are an online event registration and ticketing platform, which can help you create a professional event page in 5 minutes. Feel free to try out our services and if you have any enquiries or questions, you can contact us directly. We would like to make your event a success!

Sistic or EventNook: Which is best for event organisers?

EventNook - the Sistic AlternativeRecently, people have been asking whether they can use EventNook in the same way as SISTIC to sell event tickets. EventNook can be a viable alternative to most, although there are some types of events we cannot cater to.

Eventnook logoTo make things clearer, here’s an overview of what EventNook can and cannot do. Let’s start with what we cannot do, so we don’t waste your time!

New to EventNook? Click here for a quick one-minute overview!

1. Cannot: Assigned seating

Some events will assign a seat number to every attendee. This is especially common with large performances and sometimes with concerts.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide assigned seating at the moment. We may add this feature in the future.

2.Cannot: Network of authorized agents

Unlike SISTIC, we don’t have the disposal of a network of authorized agents ticket-printerfor ticket pick-up. We are also not going to have one. It simply doesn’t fit with the times any more. Even airlines work almost exclusively with e-tickets these days.

This feature must have been really useful when SISTIC started its phone booking services back in 1991, but really, we don’t think it’s necessary these days. Nevertheless, should you wish to make use of a ticket network, it’s probably best to stay with SISTIC.

3. Can: E-ticketing

We will send e-tickets directly to your attendees’ e-mail address immediately upon receipt of payment. These tickets will contain a bar code so that you can handle them just as easily as tickets printed at an authorized agent, saving both time and money for the event organiser and attendees alike. (You may want to check out our QR code ticket check-in!)

Singapore Dollars

What are you going to do with all the money saved?

4. Can: Save money

Because of what we don’t do, EventNook is a lot cheaper to use than SISTIC. We use a no-nonsense fee structure, and you will always only pay for what you use.

  • EventNook charges no setup fees or any other fixed fee.
  • Pay only for what you use. If you sell 20 tickets of $50 each, you pay only $31. No other hidden fees!
  • It’s absolutely free to sell free tickets on EventNook (and always will be).
Google Form or EventNook? Check out how EventNook can be Google Forms’s alternative for event registration here!

5. Can: EventNook is reliable


We take reliability every bit as serious as BMW

When you sell tickets for events, there is often a rush period where everyone tries to book their ticket. SISTIC has been known for outages, especially when large K-POP events hit Singapore.

Of course, you don’t want your ticketing provider to fail you when you need them most!

That is why EventNook is built on the latest technologies to be scalable and reliable. Our cloud-based back end is of the highest grade; other companies making use of the same setup include Toyota and BMW.

But don’t take our word for it. Many event organisers have opted for EventNook over SISTIC already, including Singapore Yacht Show 2014, DBS-HUB Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and Opp Live 2014.

6. Can: Collect audience data

Would you like to have the e-mail addresses of everyone who comes to your event?

On EventNook, you can customize the sign-up form to ask any question that is relevant to your event. You can set mandatory and optional questions.

You might also like to know other facts about who’s coming, such as their age, their favorite music style, their preferred drink or where they first found out about your event. The more you know about who’s coming, the better you can be prepared!

You can ask people whether they would like to opt-in to your e-mail list, and that way you will have an easy way to promote future events to those who have already come to your events before. You’ll build an automatic e-mail list without any extra effort!

Not only that, but with one click, you can save all the collected audience data to an Excel spreadsheet (or on Google Drive), and from there you can export it to other software, such as your CRM or e-mail marketing software.

7. Can: EventNook is easy to use

We take pride in making EventNook extremely easy to use. For both organisers and participants. No matter how large your event is. You can set up your event registration in 10 minutes.

Hard to believe? If you’ve read all the way up to here, why don’t you give us a spin? As long as your tickets are free, you will never be charged anything. Go here to give EventNook a try.

New to eventnook?

Please check out

Vi.bran.se Exhibits Social Enterprise in Singapore

What is a social enterprise?
“Social enterprises are, first and foremost, businesses…Like any other business, it aims to create surpluses, but seeks to reinvest those surpluses to achieve its social objectives.” – Social Enterprise Association

Vi.bran.se is part of a campaign, ad.vo.ca.se (pronounced advocacy), aimed at raising awareness of social enterprises among youths and young adults in Singapore. Launched by final year students from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication, they present:

Vi.bran.se: An Interactive Exhibition of Local Social Enterprises

Vi.bran.se (pronounced as vibrancy) is an interactive carnival and museum like event that serves to showcase lifestyle products and services from local social enterprises in Singapore. Want to know more about how successful entrepreneurs put the heart into their businesses? Spend your day visiting the exhibits of 15 local social enterprises and learning about their worthy causes.

At the same time, don’t forget to treat yourself to food, drinks, performances and more! YouTube performer Joie Tan and singer songwriter Sara Wee will be sharing the stage with some of our social enterprises. They have worked hard, for many months to bring to us this event, come join them at:

Click on this link for the trailer: http://youtu.be/DBsVN55GsWk

You can watch more YouTube clips on some of the social entrepreneurs, performers and other information regarding this campaign on their FaceBook page. Click here to find out more!

Valentine’s Day Special 2014

This Valentine’s Day we have found 10 ways to express your love to the ones you care about. We at EventNook, love you so much and decided to put together a list of events for both our single and attached friends.

For the Singles:

ToTT Cooking Class

  1. Valentine’s Day Speed Dating Cooking Class
    It will be held on the 8th Feb 2014, by Tools of the Trade (ToTT). It’s a good way to find a date for this valentine’s! Hurry class is limited to 12 couples.

  2. Valentine Vendetta 2014
    Don’t worry if you still haven’t found a date. Head on over to Valentine Vendetta 2014. Held on the 14th Feb 2014 at New Asia, would be the 4th year running to Singapore’s no. 1 Valentine’s Day singles party.

  3. Heart to Heart Adventure at Botanic Gardens
    If the above events are too outgoing for you, join Arakah & Ayuri on the 15th Feb 2014. There will be adventure activities and also a sandwich making session (ingredients are provided and donations are welcomed). It’s a free event, bring your friends and RSVP by clicking the link above.

    For the Couples:

    On a tight budget:

  4. Picnic while watching the sunset
    Take your partner down a romantic path to watch the sunset at various locations, East Coast Park, West Coast Park, Sentosa, Mount Fabor, Labrador Park or Changi Broadwalk. Bring along a picnic basket and appreciate the special moments together. A note to remember, the sun sets at 7:21pm. Check this link before you leave the house.

  5. Corinne May Valentine’s Day Special 
    A special concert held at Gardens by the bay, by Corinne May. She would be putting up a performance from 8-8:45pm for free.who are ready to splurge:

  6. Endless Love Valentine’s Day Gold Class Dinning Set
    This set includes a pair of Gold Class movie tickets, 3-course menu, Champagne, tea and other delightful gifts. It is available for purchase at Gold Class Katong, VivoCity & Great World City.

  7. Valentine’s Day Sunset Cruise!
    Cruise down the Amazing night skyline of Singapore, the sunset and fireworks to accompany. Board the yacht at ONE° 15 Marina Club. RSVP now, only available to 8 couples!

  8. Sky Dining
    Be captivated by the sun setting and get a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s landscape. (not available on the 14th of Feb 2014)

  9. Dive with the Sharks
    If you are an adrenaline junkie and would like something more adventurous. Dive with the Sharks at Underwater World Singapore! Spend 90 minutes with these magnificent sea creatures without having a scuba-diving license.

  10.  Lucky for you, Valentine’s Day happen to fall on Friday and you may want to consider a romantic staycation with your partner. There are wide selections of hotels you can choose from. Here’s one:
    Four Seasons: The Lover’s Cocoon
    The package includes a couple’s floor deluxe room, breakfast in bed, late check out and a half bottle Veuve Clicquot Champagn.

Launch A Music or Party Event with 3 Simple Tools

Organizing an event and promoting ticket sales has never been simpler with these online tools readily available at your fingertips. You can create your own event within minutes!

Step 1 – Get a simple online event ticketing page with EventNook. It takes 5 minutes to create an event page with various ticket types such as Admission ticket, VIP ticket, Early bird discount ticket, etc.

Here is how your online ticket page would look like:

SantaCon 2013

Step 2 – Now, are you ready to promote your event to friends or your audience?

Share your ticketing url and send it to your friends via email or through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Below is how the event organizers use Facebook events page or newsfeed to spread to your network!

SantaCon 2013 Facebook page

Step 3 – This is not necessary but sometimes, you may want to establish your event with your own event website.

There are a couple of tools – you can create a website with beautiful templates in 5 minutes

http://strikingly.com – A tool you can create a gorgeous, mobile-optimized 1 page website in minutes

http://www.weebly.com – drag & drop website builder makes it dead simple to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills required.

Have fun creating an event, comment and send us a link and show us your creations!


List of Websites to Promote and Distribute Your Next Event In Singapore

BannerEventNook has gathered websites of top event directories where you can list your events and promote them. From listing startup events to dating events and conferences, depending on your type of event, the website can help you reach the right people you want to invite.

About EventNook:

EventNook is an online event registration & ticketing platform where organisers can set up and customise their very own event page. Through it, organisers can collect attendees’ information and their payment using a real-time dashboard. Features such as Automated Email Confirmation and QR Code Check-In make the job of event organisers much easier and more efficient. Recently, EventNook launched an Event Venues Directory which provides information on more than 5,000 venues in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong, making one of the best places on the web to look for venues in South East Asia.

Top Events Directory:


Dating Events:


KPOP Events:


Do you have an event poster? Check out another article for inspirations on creating an alluring event poster!

Running Events:



Startup Events:


About EventNook:

Event Mangement Software company, EventNook is an online event registration & ticketing platform where organisers can set up and customise their very own event page. Through it, organisers can collect attendees’ information and their payment using a real-time dashboard. Features such as Automated Email Confirmation and QR Code Check-In make the job of event organisers much easier and more efficient. Recently, EventNook launched an Event Venues Directory which provides information on more than 5,000 venues in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong, making one of the best places on the web to look for venues in South East Asia.

Contact us:
Email: hello@eventnook.com
Phone: +65 6681-6571
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eventnook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eventnook/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Eventnook/

How to sell Event Tickets via Facebook event

As you may see often, it is becoming very common that people are using Facebook as a tool to organize events. Social media has made it easy to invite and share events within their social network and communities. (Like EventNook on Facebook here!)

But when you are selling tickets or need to collect details of your attendees for your event, a simple online tool like EventNook (Online Event Registration & Ticketing Platform) helps you to do that as Facebook do not provide those abilities. (To learn more what EventNook can help you for event ticketing, click Features)

Are you also interested in how you can have creative collaborations with other organizations to organizer better events? Click here to read more!

To create an event with a link to a Ticketing URL, you must first have a Business Facebook Page/ Facebook Fan Page. You can add EvenNook’s ticketing URL in the Facebook event as shown below.

EventNook Chill Our FB Page

Here is how Facebook event looks like with Ticketing URL

EventNook Chill Out Facebook Ticket Window

Here is how the external ticketing page (event ticketing page at EventNook) looks like.

EventNook Chill Out event page

The unique learning and networking event for the event industry – Chill Out with Event People

To know more about details on how you create a Facebook event, go to https://www.facebook.com/help/429428587125183



Multi-user access support

EventNook now allows multi-users access to support team collaboration. The owner (admin) of the event can invite to other collaborators (users) to have access the event data, edit the event, manage registrations, manage discount codes, view reports, etc.

How to add a collaborator to the event

Under the selected event dashboard, Go to Setup >> User Access.

For the sake of simplicity, there are 2 user roles (Manager and Analyst) provided which are to be assigned for collaborators.

1. Manager role is allowed to manage the whole event (such as edit event settings, manage orders, discounts, view reports, etc) except permission on “Manage Collaborators”.

2. Analyst (View Reports Only) role is allowed to view reports such as orders and attendees.

Add an event manager for your event registration site

If you have any feedbacks or questions, feel free to drop the note to hello@eventnook.com.

Check out our overview page to know more about EventNook as an online event registration and ticketing platform!