EventNook waived fees for charity fund raising events helping Nepal earthquake victims

Collapsed homes and schools. Demolished roads and bridges. Survivors of the ruins desperately search for the sight of their loved ones.

More than 5,000 have died in Nepal as the nation experienced their worst earthquake in 80 years. The majority of the Nepal troops had been deployed for rescue works. However, the tough weather presented remarkable challenges for the rescue missions.

Omar Havana—Getty Images
Omar Havana—Getty Images
EventNook waived fees for fund raising events helping Nepal victims
Omar Havana—Getty Images

Our hearts sank as we follow the news from Nepal from day to day. When we read about the shortfall of hospital vacancies and other facilities in Nepal, we hope that we can do something on our part to help.

Therefore, EventNook has decided that we will support fundraising events for Nepal earthquake and will waive our EventNook service fees for such events. Please contact hello@eventnook.com and tell us your event title and user email for fee waiver.

[Visit EventNook Nepal Earthquake Support at: https://www.eventnook.com/event/nepalearthquakesupport/home]

EventNook waived fees for charity events helping Nepal earthquake victims
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If you are looking at donating to Nepal, there are a few reliable sites that will help:

1. International Medical Corps https://www.facebook.com/nepalearthquakesupport

2. TIME – 6 Ways You Can Give to Nepal Earthquake Relief http://time.com/3836242/nepal-earthquake-donations-disaster-relief/

Let’s all play our part to support the Napelese during these difficult times.