Integrate our event registration site with your existing website/membership system

Do you have an existing website or membership system?

EventNook - Integration with existing systemsMany organizations do. With an event calendar and an event listing table, websites often serve as a powerful platform for interested individual to find your events and sign up for them.


To better suit the needs of event organizers, eventnook has developed a number of ways to integrate our event ticketing and registration systems with other websites and membership portals.

Let’s have a quick look of these features!

1. Embedded Ticket Widget

event registraiton and ticketing - embedded ticket widgetHave you ever gone to a event website, looked through the event details, but just cannot find the place to register for the event easily? Some interested individuals may turn away just because the registration page is too hard to find.

With eventnook’s online event registration system, you can easily set up a big eye-catching registration window on your own website! As such, visitors to your event site can conveniently click and register on the go, saving them the trouble and confusion of going through multiple links just to register for the event.

2.Invitation code

event registraiton ticket window - Invitation code for member pricingWhen you organize an event as an organizer, you may want to give special prices to your association members. But how do you prevent non-members from buying tickets at member prices?

With the help of eventnook’s invitation code function, you can easily  resolve the problem. When someone selects the “Member” ticket category, he or she will be immediately prompted to enter a unique code or an ID. This prevents others from taking advantage of the member prices.

3.Export to Drive or Excel

event attendees' data - export order list to excelSome event organizers may like to keep a track record of the individuals who have registered for the events.

With our “Save to Drive” and “Export List to Excel” function. You can constantly update your own database with relevant information of past and current event attendees. As such, you can easily analyse the preferences of members from different organizations, and constantly improve your event planning strategies from there!

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