EventNook Launches Self-Serve Check-in Kiosk App

To accommodate event organizers who are planning to host big events with minimal staff, EventNook has just launched a self-service Kiosk app that supports event organizers to try a more hands-off approach and allow attendees to check-in on their own.

The EventNook Kiosk Check-in Manager is a comprehensive tool that is designed to support medium to large-scale events and allows event organizers to conveniently manage onsite event registration and make sure everything runs smoothly on the event day. The app is now available for download on the app store.

Through the app, event organizers are greeted by a simple user interface where they can manage the event and guest check-ins through a real-time dashboard.

The kiosk app allows users to check-in efficiently through a QR code, which they receive upon the completion of their registration online. On the actual event day, they can simply scan their QR code to check-in for the event. For guests who have trouble finding the confirmation email, the Kiosk app also allows event organizers to check in their guests manually by searching for their name or ticket ID.

Here are some key features of EventNook’s Kiosk App:

1. Kiosk (Self Check-in) Feature

To save event organizers time and energy of having to redirect guests, the Kiosk Feature now displays a message to prompt guests on to the next course of action upon checking in.

The message displayed on the screen can be customized by the event organizer to anything they want to convey to their guests. Be it a warm WELCOME message directing them to the conference room, or a sheepish SORRY message for customers who have brought an invalid QR code.

2. Onsite Registration for Walk-in Guests

Through the Kiosk app, guests are now able to register and check-in for the event on the spot! This means that event organizers no longer have to turn away guests who have not registered for the event beforehand.

3. Easy Search

No QR code? No problem. The Kiosk app allows attendees to check-in manually for the event. This latest release also features an ENLARGED search text box to accommodate the less keen-sighted customers.

For more information about Kiosk check-in app and eventnook services, check out http://overview.eventnook.com/p/event-kiosk-checkin

About EventNook:

EventNook is an online event registration & ticketing platform where organizers can set up and customize their very own event page. Through it, organizers can collect attendees’ information and their payment using a real-time dashboard. Features such as Automated Email Confirmation and QR Code Check-In make the job of event organizers much easier and more efficient. Recently, EventNook launched an Event Venues Directory which provides information on more than 5,000 venues in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong, making it one of the best places on the web to look for venues in South East Asia.

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Why Event Organizers Love QR codes and e-Tickets

From music concerts to business conferences, if there is one thing in common for these events, it will be the long queues they entail. To save time, cost, and the sanity of their participants, event organizers have looked to technology to find a solution: QR Code e-Ticketing.

True to its name, QR codes deliver Quick Response(s) to the systems with just a quick scan. With a QR code embedded ticket, a quick wave in front of a camera is all it takes to check in within seconds. However, as a disruptive innovation, users often tend to compare QR coded e-tickets with traditional ticketing.

Time Effectiveness:

– QR Codes: QR codes are known for being fast and effective, allowing data to be downloaded within seconds. In its application for event registration, there will be no need to fumble over excel sheets to search for attendee names, or to go through the trouble of verifying the tickets. One scan is all it takes.

– Physical tickets: Most people would have experienced misplacing their tickets before the start of the show. Not only is it time consuming to collect and search for the tickets, it also dampens the mood for participants. With e-ticketing, organizers no longer have to worry about ticket distribution, and attendees will always have access to their tickets as long as they have their electronic devices.

Cost Effectiveness:

– QR Codes: Though sending out e-tickets and QR codes through email might be almost free, it could be difficult to find a service provider that does it well for you at an affordable price. Well, that is why we are here.

– Physical tickets: Event Organisers would have to consider not only the designing, manufacturing but also the distribution costs.


– QR Codes: Contrary to popular beliefs, QR codes can have special designs. With up to 30% error margin, you are free to change the colors and designs of a QR code, as long as the contrast between it and the background color is strong enough. E-Tickets can also be used to further promote an event or a brand through customized and innovative designs.

– Physical tickets: Though not as effective, physical tickets are often used as a keepsake to reminisce about a significant and memorable event, such as wedding invitations etc.


While QR coded e-Tickets are effective, it does have certain limitations in terms of designs and usage as compared to physical tickets. Most event organizers who adopt such technology will be those who seek simplicity and effectiveness. QR Coded tickets can also be printed out as formal invitations. For example, event organizers such as CloudAsia and SMU have been adopting QR coded ticket check-ins to better their registration process.

About EventNook:

Event Management Software company, EventNook is an online event registration & ticketing platform where organisers can set up and customise their very own event page. Through it, organisers can collect attendees’ information and their payment using a real-time dashboard. Features such as Automated Email Confirmation and QR Code Check-In make the job of event organisers much easier and more efficient. Recently, EventNook launched an Event Venues Directory which provides information on more than 5,000 venues in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong, making one of the best places on the web to look for venues in South East Asia.

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An EventNook Update – 9 New Features All at Once!

EventNook has released an update of 9 new features all at once, what can be more exciting than that? Business users now experience a cutting-edge online registration system, one of astounding efficiency and seamless integration.

Following these 9 new features, EventNook plans to roll out its PRO Package plans, which comprise of a string of these thrilling new features, in addition to EventNook’s PRO Support. This PRO Package plans would allow event professionals access to reliable services, more comprehensive features and better support. This would bring them less unnecessary enquiring, with an increased amount of quality assistance.

9 new updates on eventnook

If you have not already discovered them, we want to make sure you know about the latest and greatest updates so we can share our joy with you!


QR Code Ticketing is one of the ways event planners have been trying to revolutionize their events! It’s provides a smart way to verify tickets, allows for seamless/ fast attendance tracking in real time and allows event organisers to go paperless! EventNook now brings this function to you so you don’t have to do it yourself! Impress your attendees and save resources with QR Code Ticketing.

qr code ticketing


Customize email templates and bring communication with event attendees to a more personal level. With this feature, event organisers are able customize messages on tips about the event day, add images such as maps, state terms and conditions, venue information and much more. Doing this with EventNook is so simple yet is so effective – simply click edit message to communicate your thoughts. A must use feature!

customise email feature


This feature is especially useful for conferences in which most of the attendees are sent by business and require payment via company invoicing. This automated invoicing saves event organisers the hassle of having to manually produce invoices. Imagine an event with 500 delegates has to issue invoice for 500 registrations? Well, scrape that thought, EventNook’s latest feature does it all for you.

receipt and invoice feature


The Tax Setting Option is another useful feature. If your organization requires to collect GST/ VAT service tax from your ticket sales, you can easily set tax charges in your ticket price.


With the Google Analytics feature, you have complete visibility and ability to analyse how people visiting your event page, which websites are promoting your event, where are visitors coming from and much more. This would allow you to improve your event page further for present or future purposes.

google analytics
Credits: Daimto


This time, we wanted to make event registration even more complete than before. Thus, we added the Ads Tracking Code feature so event marketing teams could track their Ads Campaign performances and sign-up conversion rates. This will allow event organisers to measure cost and effectiveness of each social media event marketing campaign and various online ticket sales campaigns.

facebook adsCredits: SproutSocial


As you probably would have observed, our latest update focuses a lot on customization. We designed these features because we really wanted users to have better access to a more personal, individual and customized form of communication with their attendees. The thank you message brings this a step further.


This feature allows flexibility with regards to the call to action. For example, for ticketing event, you might want to say “Buy Ticket” and if you are organizing a business workshop or conference, you may want to say “Register Now” or “RSVP Event”. This feature allows you to do things exactly the way you want it.

customise thank you button


If you want to set a date for your event to automatically close, you can now do so under Settings. Let’s say if you want to close the registration 2 days before the event, you can now do so without worrying about remembering to change it manually.

EventNook aims to continually improve the user experience for all event organisers. Our team is ever ready to produce features to attend to the latest needs or trends of the event industry at the cheapest and most affordable rates.


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[Product Update] Launch of Stripe Makes Payment A Breeze  

The latest EventNook update is a huge leap both for event organisers and for attendees. EventNook is very excited to announce offering additional online credit card payment method with Stripe. With the addition of the NEW Stripe feature, collecting payment & selling tickets with online credit card payment just got much easier and event organisers are now able to achieve so much more!

Credit card paymentFor those who are already familiar with PayPal for selling tickets online, Stripe is an additional or alternative great payment option to sell event tickets with credit card payment. It user interface is very simple, minimalism and mobile friendly.

But that’s not all, let’s see what else Stripe has to offer:

✔ Sales deposited straight into your account as tickets are purchased

Unlike many ticketing solutions, EventNook does not withhold your funds! With Stripe, you can configure your account to transfer your funds on various alternative schedules. Thus, instead of having to wait for an event to be over, or for the end of the month to come, you can now collect your funds as you wish!

 ✔ A low, simple flat rate of 3.4% + 50 cents

Save the hassle of additional accounting with Stripe with its simple flat rate of 3.4% + 50 cents in Singapore (This rate varies between countries). In addition, offering competitive rates on processing fees, Stripe has no refund costs or monthly fees.

✔ 139 Currencies Available

With the vast number of currencies available, event organisers need not fear that international attendees are unable to make payment online. Available for business in 123 countries and with 139 currencies available, Stripe brings convenience to a whole new level.

✔ Easy payment for attendees!

With Stripe, attendees save the trouble of needing to sign up for an account – They can simply pay through the use of their credit cards!
 Easy payment for attendees

Starting/Linking your Stripe Merchant Account:

Stripe is easy to use for both event attendees and organisers. Simply click Currency & Payment to Connect with Stripe. This will link us directly to Stripe’s Sign In/Sign Up page.

connecting stripe to eventnook

Do note that Singapore event organisers have to receive a referral link in order to sign up for Stripe. You can request for one here. Alternatively, contact us at hello@eventnook.com and we will gladly send you one!

EventNook is excited about this new launch of the stripe feature and hopes to continue making event registration even simpler to our users!
Use Stripe on EventNook for your events now & we promise an even smoother transaction!

Contact us:
Email: hello@eventnook.com
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/eventnook
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[Feature Update] Managing enquiries from attendees gets easier for organizers

We are excited to introduce EventNook’s latest feature, which allows event organizers to keep track of attendee’s enquiries through multiple ways so they will never have to miss out on replying an important attendee’s enquiry ever again!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 5.06.45 pm

Event organizers easily track unread enquiries for the particular event via this new addition! This provides a systematic, user-friendly way in which any member of the organizing team can respond to enquiries, without missing out any of the enquires.



Attendees can make these enquiries by simply clicking the “Contact Organizer” button. Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 5.10.47 pmJust to make it even more convenient, the enquiries are sent to organizers’ emails as well, this ensures that organizer’s stay updated. A reply can be made, simply by hitting the reply button to respond.

We hope this makes attendee communication even more efficient and effective! Do contact us if you have any feedback or thought!

Whether it’s free or paid, EventNook can help you with online event registrationevent ticketing and onsite event registration and check-in!

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Create your very own Organizer’s Profile on EventNook!

eventnook organiser profile pageHow do you reach out to your previous event-goers for your current events? There are people who go for, maybe one or two of your events but do not particularly follow or keep track of upcoming ones. Besides Facebook and other social media platforms, what is another way to keep people informed?

Rejoice, for EventNook’s new feature, the Organizer’s Profile is the one-stop avenue for all your events! Now your attendees have access to everything under a single page. While social media platforms work well, ours is designed exclusively to showcase all the events you have organised in a listed calendar format.

Page viewers can toggle between past and upcoming events to check out what you have organized in the past and also in the near future. The list requires no extra effort – it is automatically shown according to the “My Events” page you see in your own account. You can spare yourself the hassle of listing everything and let EventNook do it for you.

eventnook organiser profile pageBesides that, you can input general information of you or your organization, such as name, logo, tagline, description and website. The information display is great for increasing brand awareness or brand recognition as well. With this, attendees can clearly see who the organizer is.

Add a banner image to create a page with your own look and feel. Perhaps something colourful for a vibrant and dynamic company? Or a picture with blue and grey hues to denote professionalism and productivity? You choose.

Our widget also allows you to present both your events and Facebook page simultaneously, which could serve as an additional platform to lead your attendees to your social media page. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

The most wonderful thing about the new Organizer’s Profile, though, is that creating it is so simple. EventNook has made the process of creating a profile page easy by putting everything together in a single form. Try it out for yourself by following this guide:

1. Look for the Organizer’s Profile page.

First, log in to your account.

eventnook organiser profile page log inLook for “Settings” under “Account” at the top of the page.

eventnook organiser profile pageSelect “My Organizer Profile” at the side of the “Settings” page.

eventnook organiser profile page2. Fill in the blanks

You will arrive at a one page form where you can type and insert your:

  • Organization’s/Organizer’s Name
  • Unique URL
  • Slogan/Tagline
  • Organizer’s Contact Info
  • Website
  • Facebook Page URL
  • Brief Description (Max – 100 words)
  • Custom Header Image Background
  • Organizer’s Logo

event nook create organiser profile page formClick “Save Changes” when you are done and select “View Page” to see your creation.

3. Share!

If you are happy with what you see, the only thing left to do would be to share your single, unique link so your attendees will know where to find all of your events.

eventnook organiser profile page alphacamp

eventnook organiser profile page alpha campHappy sharing!


[Feature Update] EventNook’s exciting new user interface!

If you have accessed your EventNook page in the weekend or this monday, you would have notice that some things are different! In the recent weekend, we made some changes to our user interface. Let’s take a quick look at it now!

My Events interface The above image shows a brief screenshot of a sample ‘My events’ page. With the new interface, you will get a clean and neat layout while having more useful information displayed on your page, such as event date countdown, feature update and help guide.

New Features, Help Guide columns


At the right column, we have added two fields of ‘New Features/Updates’ and ‘Help Guide (Popular Questions)’. This will keep you updated and informed of how you can best make use of EventNook’s features for your events.



Furthermore, it is exciting to note that the new version is more mobile-friendly! This will make it easier for you to view reports and manage registrations or ticket sales on your mobile devices at any time.

EventNook Dashboard iPad

The EventNook team would continue to work hard to deliver our promise of providing you with a user-friendly and hassle-free online event registration and ticketing site. Do try out our new interface and give us your valuable feedback!

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