Integrate our event registration site with your existing website/membership system

Do you have an existing website or membership system?

EventNook - Integration with existing systemsMany organizations do. With an event calendar and an event listing table, websites often serve as a powerful platform for interested individual to find your events and sign up for them.


To better suit the needs of event organizers, eventnook has developed a number of ways to integrate our event ticketing and registration systems with other websites and membership portals.

Let’s have a quick look of these features!

1. Embedded Ticket Widget

event registraiton and ticketing - embedded ticket widgetHave you ever gone to a event website, looked through the event details, but just cannot find the place to register for the event easily? Some interested individuals may turn away just because the registration page is too hard to find.

With eventnook’s online event registration system, you can easily set up a big eye-catching registration window on your own website! As such, visitors to your event site can conveniently click and register on the go, saving them the trouble and confusion of going through multiple links just to register for the event.

2.Invitation code

event registraiton ticket window - Invitation code for member pricingWhen you organize an event as an organizer, you may want to give special prices to your association members. But how do you prevent non-members from buying tickets at member prices?

With the help of eventnook’s invitation code function, you can easily  resolve the problem. When someone selects the “Member” ticket category, he or she will be immediately prompted to enter a unique code or an ID. This prevents others from taking advantage of the member prices.

3.Export to Drive or Excel

event attendees' data - export order list to excelSome event organizers may like to keep a track record of the individuals who have registered for the events.

With our “Save to Drive” and “Export List to Excel” function. You can constantly update your own database with relevant information of past and current event attendees. As such, you can easily analyse the preferences of members from different organizations, and constantly improve your event planning strategies from there!

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[Feature Update] Make Event Site Look great with cover image (header image)

Once again we’re excited to bring you a new feature we added this week. If you’ve been organising events using EventNook for online event registration, you might’ve noticed the empty space at the top of your event page.

Now with this new feature, you’ve the option of adding a cover image to make your event page look even more amazing!

cover image good 2

cover image good 3

If you want your event page to look even better, contact us and we can customise your event page to your specifications.

cover image good 1

If you need help on how to add your cover image, just visit our help guide at

Just let us know if you have any feedback, we always appreciate your feedback!

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A detailed explanation of the advance features of eventnook

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can design your own order confirmation email template? Or make changes to the layout of your eventnook event site to suit your organization’s style?

If youeventnook online event registration - customization services are organizing a very important event, you would like to do everything to ensure that your event attendees have an excellent experience with event registration and ticketing. Eventnook’s strong in-house technical team is here to help you in providing a perfect event registration experience for your event attendees!

To achieve that, eventnook supports a lot advance registration and ticketing features at the back end. Today, I would like to share some of these awesome features we provide. If you are interested in any of these features, feel free to contact us at or give us a call at (+65) 6681-6571.

[Eventnook is an online event registration and ticketing system, try it out here! (]

1. Customization of email templates and messages

Customized confirmation email - eventnook online event registration and ticketingAre there certain things you would like the attendees to take note of after the event registration and before the event? We can help to put in your special T&C, rules and regulations, information on attires and things to bring, etc.

2. Tier Ticket Pricing by Period

Take a quick look at the image below.

Eventnook Ticketing - Tier Ticket PricingWhat will happen if there aren’t the Early Bird and Regular tiers? You will need to create 8 ticket types, making you ticket registration box unnecessarily lengthened and ugly. In this way, everything is much clearer!

3.QR code ticketing and on-site check-in

Eventnook event registration system - QR code ticketing


Isn’t it cool if you can registered at the event site just by scanning the QR code that is displayed on your phone?

Eventnook can help you enable the QR code check-in functions to provide your event attendees with this unique experience! With our eventnook app, you can also scan tickets and auto-register your event attendees instantly. We also provide iPad rental if you need a device for on-site event a check-in.


[Would you like to have a quick 1-minute overview of eventnook?]

4.Customization of eventnook event micro-site

Singapore Yacht Show. Eventnook customized registration pageDon’t like the normal layout for your event ticketing page? Do you want to have your nice brand logo or event poster as the background instead? Let us help you design your ticketing page the way you want it to be!

eventnook online event ticketing system. invitation

5.Invitation codes

You want to sell tickets to the public but at the same time save some tickets for your VIPs. In that case invitation codes will be really helpful to ensure that the persons buying tickets on the other end are the VIPs that you have invited.

eventnook - online event registration software. invitation codeThe feature you are looking for is not in the list? Don’t worry, just contact and talk to us! We will always be keen to look at your requirement and needs, to provide the customizations that suit your preferences.


Google search favours mobile-friendly sites; make it act to your advantage.

Starting from April this year, you may observe some major changes to the traffic of your website. What’s happening actually?

What is “Mobilegeddon”?

Google - mobile freindly (EventNook blog post)21 April, 2015 was the official day Google started to roll out their mobile-friendly updates globally. In hope of improving the user experience of mobile users, the change in algorithm will result in a boost in ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile-friendly pages on mobile search result.

[You can click here for a quick mobile friendliness test You should see something like the image below!]

EventNook passes the mobile-friendly test[Visit to create a mobile-friendly event site]

To make things better or worse, Google also announced in early May that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” Furthermore, more than 40% of event registration and ticket purchases are taking place on mobile.

What’s the results of this algorithm changes? Surveying more than 20,000 URLs, content marketing platform BrightEdge found that by April 27 – not quite a week after the algorithm change – there was a 21 percent decrease in the number of non-mobile-friendly URLs on the first three search engine result pages.

How do I make the phenomenon serve as my advantage?

It always help to have a site that is mobile-friendly. But you are not alone if you don’t; about 40% of the fortune websites are affected as well.

People using phones on the MRT - not an unfamiliar sight in Singapore
People using phones on the MRT – not an unfamiliar sight in Singapore

For event organizers, EventNook is here to help! We are a mobile-friendly website for event registration and ticketing. As such, we ensure that interested event attendees can easily find your EventNook event site through their mobile Google searches.

Online event registration is all about convenience and speed. Very likely, your potential event attendees would be browsing for events on their mobile devices on public transports, during tea breaks, or after a meal. Interested individuals may be turned away if they cannot find your event information easily through Google search. Mobile-friend event registration sites would also help greatly as interested individuals can easily share the event site with their friends through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or popular phone messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

EventNook - mobile friendly event registration and ticketing siteOn the other hand, even if you have an in-house IT team, they may be slow in building a mobile-friendly event site. Allowing a desktop site to become responsive to various media queries and screen sizes does not at all guarantee a mobile-friendly site.

So why not just make use of your surrounding resources?

EventNook is free to try out, and you can easily set up your event micro-site in less than 10 minutes. If you have read thus far, why not spend a few minutes to try out our site?


Interested to read up more on this topic? You can take a look at some of the relevant articles we selected for you!

1. Google Blog Post – Rolling out Mobile Friendly Update

2. Google Mobile-friendliness Test

3. Social Times – How Has Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Impacted Mobile Traffic?

EventNook waived fees for charity fund raising events helping Nepal earthquake victims

Collapsed homes and schools. Demolished roads and bridges. Survivors of the ruins desperately search for the sight of their loved ones.

More than 5,000 have died in Nepal as the nation experienced their worst earthquake in 80 years. The majority of the Nepal troops had been deployed for rescue works. However, the tough weather presented remarkable challenges for the rescue missions.

Omar Havana—Getty Images
Omar Havana—Getty Images
EventNook waived fees for fund raising events helping Nepal victims
Omar Havana—Getty Images

Our hearts sank as we follow the news from Nepal from day to day. When we read about the shortfall of hospital vacancies and other facilities in Nepal, we hope that we can do something on our part to help.

Therefore, EventNook has decided that we will support fundraising events for Nepal earthquake and will waive our EventNook service fees for such events. Please contact and tell us your event title and user email for fee waiver.

[Visit EventNook Nepal Earthquake Support at:]

EventNook waived fees for charity events helping Nepal earthquake victims
the epoch times


If you are looking at donating to Nepal, there are a few reliable sites that will help:

1. International Medical Corps

2. TIME – 6 Ways You Can Give to Nepal Earthquake Relief

Let’s all play our part to support the Napelese during these difficult times.

EventNook events – Are you ready for a quick case study?

EventNook provides online event registration and ticketing solutions for various local events, ranging from small workshops and parties to large conferences and carnivals. We would like to share some of the events we have helped to give you a quick case study.

1.Singapore Yacht Show 2014                       (

EventNook case study - Singapore Yacht show 2014

Have you seen the advertisements of Singapore Yacht Show on the streets? It is an exclusive event to discover some of the world’s finest superyacht in an elite setting. We are proud to be an online ticketing partner of Singapore Yacht Show 2014!

[Not sure of what EventNook is? Click here for a quick one-minute overview of EventNook!]

2.ACCA Singapore Annual Conference 2015                       (

EventNook Case Study - ACCA Annual Conference

Many business events use EventNook for online event registration and ticketing services too! Amongst the many business events, the ACCA conference stands out in encouraging the exchange of brilliant ideas and the spreading of a wealth of knowledge, as it explores how accounting, finance and audit professionals can develop an ‘intrapreneurial mind-set’ to work smarter and faster.

3.Rise and Shine                  (

Rise and Shine - EventNook online event registration and ticketing

Rise & Shine organises parenting workshops and carnivals to offer real insights into raising healthier, happier and smarter children. Its annual largest enrichment festival has a total turnout of approximately 200,000 adults and children.

Here, we would like to congratulate the success of the recently concluded Rise and Shine Carnival 2015!

4. Naked Museum Guided Tour                   (

Naked Museum Guided Tour - EventNook online event registration vendor

You may not have heard of this, but you are probably familiar with National Gallery Singapore. Naked Museum is an invite-only opening ceremony of National Gallery Singapore. We are honoured to serve as their official online event registration vendor!

 [Interested in some of our awesome upcoming events? Check out EventNook’s featured events!]

 5. Musicity Singapore 2014                  (

Musicity - EventNook event ticketing solution

With the simple and convenient registration procedures, EventNook also managed to attract a number of music event or concert organizers, including Musicity 2014, Lit Up 2014 and Talent Quest 2015.

6. National Productivity Month 2014                 (

National Productivity month - EventNook event registration case study

National Productivity Month 2014 was a national-level initiative to share ideas and methods on improving productivity for companies.

EventNook is an online event registration partner of the the organizer – Singapore Business Federation(SBF) ever since EventNook was launched! We have helped to provide registration services for several other SBF events, such as Maldives Investment Forum Singapore 2014 and ASEAN Conference 2015.

[Interested in our customization services or have other special requirements? Contact us at]

7. TIEN Academy                                              (

Are you running a training or educational institute? Do you organize workshops, seminars or training sessions regularly?

EventNook - event registration for small and regular seminars and workshopsThen check out on the above link to see what we can do for you!

TIEN Academy is an academy helping entrepreneurs. They have used EventNook for various workshops and seminars throughout the year.

8.Creatory Vol.1 – Local is Lovely              (

Creatory @ EventNook, online ticketing software

EventNook also welcomes arts and cultural events! We were the event registration software provider for Creatory 2014, a festival celebration of Singapore’s creative talent. And to answer the call on : “Shall we do it again sometime?”, our reply is: “Yes; why not?”

9.i-love Mama SG50 Delights             (

Mediacorp event online registration provider - EventNook

Looking at organizing smaller events? EventNook will support you with online event ticketing management too!

We provide registration solution for many small-scale events, including the upcoming i-love Mama SG50 Delights hosted by Mediacorp!

Now that you have got an idea of what we can do, isn’t it time to give us a try? (

To big event organizers: We can provide customized branding services for your event page, automated invoice, confirmation and reminder emails and QR-code ticketing. Just drop us an email at if you are interested.

To smaller-scale event organizers: We welcome small-scale events/parties/networking sessions as well!


Google Forms alternative for events registration

Some new visitors to asked: “What is the difference between Google Form and EventNook? How is EventNook is a better alternative to
Google Form?” eventnook-logo-440In this new blog post, we will share 7 simple reasons to why EventNook is more suitable for general event registration and ticketing.

What is Google Form?                    Google alternatives for event registration

It is an application to capture data with customized forms that can be submitted to Google Spreadsheet, to organize and share data, as well as collect surveys, simple event RSVP forms, enquiry forms.

How is EventNook a better alternative to Google Forms for events registration?

EventNook is useful when you want to publish your events on a professional-looking event site, get complete registration and ticketing forms and functions such as multiple ticket types, controlling quantity of tickets available, sell tickets with online payment, event promotion with discount code and comprehensive reporting of registrations and payments and more.

[New to EventNook, spend 5 minutes to know more by looking through our simple overview!]


mobile friendly event registration micro site

1. Event Micro-site

EventNook provides you with micro-sites to publish your event details. In less than 10 minutes, you can set up a professional-looking and mobile friendly event site.

Specifications like date and time, a mini map showing the location as well as pictures and videos can be easily included. Through the event site, event attendants can easily read about your event details such as event schedule and list of speakers and share the event with their friends through social media and other platforms!

[Check out how we can also enhance your event site with customized design dedicated for your brand]

2. Multiple Ticket Types

Online Event Registration - multiple ticket types
You are organizing an event with different tickets for Members and Non-members, early-birds and regulars. With Google Form, you would need 4 separate forms. But at EventNook, you can arrange all your different ticket types together nicely in a single event registration system! You can even set up special promotional codes targeted at VIPs, or collect tax in the tickets. It is just so comprehensive and so convenient!


Event Registration - Track attendees on event day 3. Track your attendants or scan QR code tickets on your event day!
Have you ever been to an event and see long queues for registration? With the EventNook app, you just need to slide and tap to register an attendee! You can also request for advance features like QR code tickets, so your event attendees can have the cool experience of registering by simply scanning the code.

[Get an overview of EventNook’s QR code check-in management!]

4. Control of the maximum number of tickets

Now imagine you booked a small venue for your talk which can only house 50 people. Nevertheless, you may send your invitations to 200 interested individuals to maximise your sign-up rate. What if more than 50 people signed up? With EventNook, that will never be a concern as you can set a maximum cap to the number of sign-ups. You can focus on marketing your event at ease!


5. Streamline payment collection with Online PaymentOnline payment for event tickets

Google Forms do not provide online payment facilities to event attendants for PAID tickets, but EventNook does! This makes buying event tickets simple and easily accessible for event attendants. That’s the whole point of using an online event ticketing software!


Confirmation and reminder emails for event attendees6.Confirmation Email

In addition, event attendants will also receive a confirmation email for their registration with an automated receipt for the tickets they purchase, therefore making registration and payment safe and reliable.

7. Reminder Emails

Don’t you think it would be great to send out reminders to your event attendants before your event? Here at EventNook, we automatically send your event attendants reminder emails before the events so that they can easily manage their time amidst their busy schedules.


There are other exciting advance features EventNook has, including but not limited to:

Read more about our advance features!

Do our features sound exciting to you? Then why not give EventNook a try? There are no sign-up charges. It is free for free events, and we would only charge you a minimum fee for paid events! Visit us at:


How to add facebook page like box in the event page?

This week, we added a small but useful feature to allow event organizers to be able to simply add their facebook page like box in the event page to increase their facebook social media engagement with their audience who visit the event page.

The facebook is more and more becoming a very important online channel to promote your events and reach out to your audience. As an event organizer, you also want to get attendees to follow your facebook page to communicate with your audience for updates, event information, promotions, etc before and during the event. And it’s also very useful to continue to engage with your audience after the event as well for upcoming activities and events.

When you create the event, you can simply enter your facebook page URL under the “Event Information” section. Please see the example below:

How to add facebook page like box in the event page in eventnook
How to add facebook page like box in the event page in eventnook

Here is an example of Facebook Likebox that will be displayed in the event page:

Facebook Like box in the event page on eventnook
Facebook Like box in the event page on eventnook

Please let us know if you have any feedbacks and we would love to hear it from you.

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Our official Myanmar travel partner, ScapeTour, has gone live!

All the best to the future endeavors of ScapeTour!
ScapeTour – Travel arrangement made easy in Myanmar!

EventNook is proud to announce that ScapeTour  – Travel Booking Site for Myanmar has launched!

Time for some background information, ScapeTour is a start-up looking to simplify the booking process for highway express bus tickets, car rental, tour packages in Myanmar. Travellers can secure their tickets early and complete the booking process in minutes with the use of ScapeTour’s simple mobile-friendly user interface. In essence, travellers book online and ScapeTour will handle the ground work.

ScapeTour’s homepage


Founded by our CEO, Kyaw Lin Oo, ScapeTour also shares the same vision of keeping things simple. This can be seen with the ticketing platform ScapeTour has used for its website which is the same as EventNook’s.

As of now, ScapeTour is focusing on bus ticket bookings with a mission to make travel arrangement fast, easy and hassle-free for tourists coming to Myanmar.

Here’s an article from e27 that’s been written on ScapeTour!

QR code ticket scan check-in mobile app is launched

We have been empowering some of the large events with our QR code based e-ticketing and mobile app QR scanner for attendees checkin and ticket verification at the door in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

EventNook's QR code onsite check in
EventNook’s QR code onsite check in at SMU Ho Rih Hwa Leadership in Asia Lecture Series

Now, we are very excited to extend this event check-in mobile app for all kind of events such as music, festival, performance, conference, corporate events, seminar, workshops, etc. with a simple and easy QR code ticket scanner to easily manage attendees check-in or verify tickets at the door. You can download the app here to try out.

We believe that this mobile tool will benefit a lot of events in Singapore and other Asia countries as more and more events are driving online ticket sales with QR / Barcode e-ticketing for admission which saves time and hassle for ticket buyers as it no longer requires collecting paper ticket issued from traditional ticketing agent or outlets (E.g., SISTIC in Singapore). It’s also FREE to use and no additional cost for our event organizers.

EventNook Ipad QR code ticket scanning application

If you would like to have a quick case study of one of the big events we’ve helped with QR code ticketing, read more here!

With our mobile check-in app, anyone can easily organize event and sell tickets online. You can use EventNook to easily manage your event from online event ticket sales to the actual event day to track attendees or verify e-ticket at the door.

With EventNook Check-in Manager, you can:
– Check in attendees quickly with mobile devices to keep the lines moving
– View what’s happening with attendance checked-in on the go

Key Features:
– Search registered attendees by name and email
– Check-in attendees from the registered list
– Check-in with QR code tickets scan using the camera on your device
– View live dashboard and check-in / attendance status

EventNook QR code ticket scanning application dashboard
To download app:

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