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iPad QR Code check-in and registration solution: SMU Ho Rih Hwa Leadership in Asia Public Lecture Series

Event Brief

pm lee, smu, eventnook
Prime Minister of Singapore delivers his lecture on topics like identity, productivity and forging ahead

EventNook helmed the event registration management and guest check-in process for the prestigious SMU Ho Rih Hwa Leadership in Asia Public Lecture Series on 30 June 2015 at the Suntec City Convention Centre which saw around 3500 guests in attendance. The event brought together distinguished global leaders, business leaders and students. This year, the lecture was given by Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee Hsien Loong. Previous speakers include former Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

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Scope of Services

EventNook provides innovative event management solutions with our online and mobile-based event technology to manage guest pre-registration and onsite event check-in. Our system allows for real-time attendance tracking as well as the synchronisation of attendance information between devices.


Services include:

  • Event Registration Management
  • EventNook Onsite Guest Check-in System with QR code ticketing
  • iPad Rental
  • Wifi Setup
  • Onsite technical support
  • Pre-event training for usher
    EventNook's QR code onsite check in
    QR code check-in: Scanning the QR code on the invitation


Guest Check-in


  • All guests had to be checked-in within 2 hours
  • The system had to be very simple and user-friendly so that ushers can learn how to use it right before the event
  • Security at the event was tight. System had to be robust so that security of guests and VIPs will not be compromised
ushers, smu, eventnook
Ushers looking professional with iPad QR code check-in system


  • Fast, Easy and Efficient
  • Great experience for guests (avoid long queue of finding name manually)
  • Prevent duplicate check-in
  • Can view the real time status of guests checkin with user-friendly dashboard reporting
  • Ushers looked professional and smart with our all-in-one seamless iPad solution, leaving a better first impression on guests
... To this. The crowd is cleared within seconds
But crowd is cleared within seconds

Eventnook congratulates the organising team from SMU on the resounding success of the event. It surely has left a mark on the SG50 dialogue.

If you are planning an upcoming event, try out our mobile checkin app here today!

pm lee, smu, eventnook

EventNook is a Singapore-based event registration, ticketing and check-in company. We empower event organisers in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar to plan better events by providing comprehensive end-to-end event registration and check-in management solutions that integrate online registration and onsite check-ins.

5 steps to effectively leverage influencer marketing for events

Influencer marketing has taken a grip in many industries like F&B, automobile and fashion. We see the likes of Marshawn Lynch and Zoe Sugg rake in fortunes as the brands they work with become more visible. For the events industry, influencer marketing holds much promise. It can lend credibility to the event, bolster its presence amongst primary audience and add to the buzz so that this influence spillovers to your secondary audience by word-of-mouth.

But events come and go. Every few months, event planners plan a different event with a wholly different audience. There is little chance to continuously engage with influencers. However, for those events that will happen again in the future and is limited on budget, influencer marketing may be the most efficient way of reaching out. In order to do so effectively however is not easy.

1. Know your audience

Know your audience

We must first know the audience we are targeting to get the right influencer. Who really is the audience? Where do they lurk? Cast your nets wide initially and test the waters. See which platform gives you the best response. A young audience need not always respond best to Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest may not be the best for selling crafts. Some listing website might be your main source of attendees.

Then, once you know your audience’s preferences and tastes and also where they are usually browsing, you are then in a better position to choose the influencer.

Event planners need to be extra context-sensitive. If it is a local event, go for local influencers as you can achieve more results by focusing on a niche audience rather than spreading yourself too thin.

2. Identify the influencer for your audience


Knowing your audience, what they are usually searching for and where they are lurking can help you establish some search terms or hashtags that are popular amongst the audience. This can be used to find your best influencer.

It’s best to choose influencers who are already fans of the event, event topic your company, or what your company stands for. That way, they can be more authentic. Plus they have already established some credibility in that domain and can transfer that credibility to your event.

Research on how the influencers usually post, what they are comfortable speaking about and their personality types. Are they educators, activists, testers, journalists, etc.? Then you will need to craft your content with them in mind.

3. Engaging the influencer

But more importantly, give the influencer some space when promoting the event. You can nudge them along but don’t cage them as it inhibits authenticity. You could:

-Provide giveaways linked to the event periodically such as tickets, backstage passes and VIP accesses, merchandise linked to event like a book by the speaker

– Meet up with influencer and post a photo with them on social media a week or two before the event to hype event-goers up

photo opp with influencer
Credits: VH1 Blog

– Long before the event, begin producing content related to the event and get your influencer’s endorsement or quotes. They will be more than glad to share content in which they are mentioned as an expert. Just remember to tag them or give them a shoutout when sharing!

– Choose a great theme that audiences will be excited about. This will enable the influencer to engage better with their audience. Well-crafted social media terms (hashtags, an events page) that are easy to remember and catchy will also allow influencers to drive more traffic to your sites.

4. Real-time influence

Get the influencer to the event and give them some airtime so that they can work their magic. List them as a speaker or allow them to have official coverage of your event. Provide an opportunity for them to make an official appearance onstage. Make sure everyone knows that the influencer is actively supporting your event!

microphone media

Your event also has room for other local influencers so remember to invite them! Live events are a great opportunity for influencers to come face to face with their audience as well as be involved in a larger scale event.

But it’s not just about the influencers working their charm, you should to! Take the chance to further solidify your relations with smaller-scale bloggers by speaking to them face-to-face, as well as giving the influencer the recognition and attention they deserve so that they will want to help you again next time and continue talking about you. It’s a great chance for everyone to come together and connect so network like crazy!

5. Post-event blues

Make sure you capture live content from the event itself to be repurposed later. Get team members to take footage or do a fun photo op with the influencer!

Then, build more content upon the event. This will add to expectations for the event to run again and help to sow the seeds for the next time.

Remember to continue engaging the influencer. With social media, it has never been easier to boast about your relationship with the influencer to the whole world. Retweet, reblog, share, comment and upvote each others’ content. Don’t forget to thank each other after the event as well (another opportunity to authentically mention influencer)!


10 simple but great event poster ideas to inspire you

BannerPosters are the bread and butter for events. Whether it be posted online or pasted on walls, they are the most reliable and cost-efficient way to get your message across. But how can you get more people to look at your posters and actually read it without shelving out a ton of money to hire a professional graphic designer? How can you produce highly customised posters that capture the essence of your events while on a budget? Here are 10 design ideas you can adapt to suit your own purposes without requiring too much design work.

1. Make full use of geometric designs

Geometric designs can be used for almost any event type but is one of the best ways to capture attention.

Credits: Web Design Freebies
Credits: Web Design Freebies

They are less distracting compared to images so viewers will be able to read the text easily. It is also extremely adaptable to different events.

Design: Emilio José Bernard
Design: Emilio José Bernard

You can change the entire vibe of the poster by playing with colour balances. It is a simple way to make posters for any occasion look professional!

geometry blue

2. Ambient designs those incorporate surroundings

Don’t want to draw? Can’t use photoshop to save your life? Then why not take a look at your surroundings and make use of it? Let the environment do the work for you! Although it is expensive to mass print ambient posters, or stick it anywhere you like, you can grab more attention with fewer posters if they are strategically well-placed.

Design: Y&R New York

Design: Y&R New York for the Bronx Zoo
Design: Y&R New York for the Bronx Zoo

3. Using simple, everyday items

Take inspiration from simple items you can find cheaply and make it relevant to your message. Simple and effective, people will do a double-take and remember your message long after walking past the poster.

Design: Melanie Scott Vincent Ironically, this poster won’t be ignored everyday!
Design: Melanie Scott Vincent
Ironically, this poster won’t be ignored everyday!

4. Photography

Let the real world colour your paint palette. Many photos online look, quite frankly fake, and the really good ones are copyrighted. If you have a good quality camera, why not dabble in some photography? You may not be as good as professional cameramen but what you have is authenticity. You don’t have to start a design from scratch so you save much more time.

You can easily manipulate the photograph as seen in this Synthesis Poster!

Credits: Sam Reed Design
Credits: Sam Reed Design


5. Interactive

Create a simple puzzle or riddle. Your viewers will no longer be a passive audience. They will give you the response your poster deserves. A puzzle of the right difficulty level can get people to stop and linger longer than for an average poster. Of course, you can then sneakily include your event details. And best of all, you only need to find a nice font for text.

Are you looking to create your own event?
visit us: EventNook

Design: Seagram An example of a “quiz” that gets people thinking about your message
Design: Seagram
An example of a “quiz” that gets people thinking about your message
A word search the EventNook team has painted on a wall at our office, Blk 71!

Get more interactive with your audience by creating something they can be part of! The San Francisco Zoo got young and old alike to take photo with their poster. People who took their photos against the poster posted them on social media and allowed others on their social network to see it!Design: BBDO

Design: BBDO
Design: BBDO

6. Humor but relevant

A little humor can make your ad more memorable without requiring complex graphic design. The SIFF poster exemplifies “unexpected” and surprises the viewer with humour. It truly makes them think: “What the hell?”.

It requires some graphic designing but it is not too demanding for an amateur designer.


7. Smart design

Not the simplest of designs but again, not unattainable for amateur designers who want to impress. Smart designs won’t require you to go all out and draw something from scratch but can capture the essence of your event in an ingenious way through design. They are adequate on their own to capture attention and get people to understand your event from a whole new angle.

Design: Kaushik Design
Design: Kaushik Design Emphasises that the event is about both FOOD+WINE

8. Play with the fonts

There are hundreds of awesome free fonts to download for a start. But if you have a bit more time on your hand, why not take some inspiration from this poster! Interesting fonts can grab attention and elevate your message. Since the text is essential in any poster, why not make it fun and vibrant?

Design: Kittaya Treseangrat
Design: Kittaya Treseangrat

9. Modify event designs for series of events

You can slightly modify designs (such as by changing the colour schemes) for multiple events that are part of a series. This gives consistency to event publicity but avoids the dreariness of the same posters being plastered everywhere. A spin on one design can get people interested time and time again even if you are posting the same event poster everywhere. A great way to prevent advertising fatigue! And you don’t have to design an entirely new poster as well!

Design: DKNG
Design: DKNG

10. Poster Templates

For serial event planners and wordy event posters (conferences, workshops, etc.), it will be useful to have templates on hand to insert the text and images into. It is important that the template makes the text look clean and readable.

Websites such as offer thousands of templates for you to modify. If you want more customizability, and are good options as well!

About EventNook:

Event Mangement Software company, EventNook is an online event registration & ticketing platform where organisers can set up and customise their very own event page. Through it, organisers can collect attendees’ information and their payment using a real-time dashboard. Features such as Automated Email Confirmation and QR Code Check-In make the job of event organisers much easier and more efficient. Recently, EventNook launched an Event Venues Directory which provides information on more than 5,000 venues in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong, making one of the best places on the web to look for venues in South East Asia.

Contact us:
Phone: +65 6681-6571

Taken from
Taken from


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[Feature Update] EventNook’s exciting new user interface!

If you have accessed your EventNook page in the weekend or this monday, you would have notice that some things are different! In the recent weekend, we made some changes to our user interface. Let’s take a quick look at it now!

My Events interface The above image shows a brief screenshot of a sample ‘My events’ page. With the new interface, you will get a clean and neat layout while having more useful information displayed on your page, such as event date countdown, feature update and help guide.

New Features, Help Guide columns


At the right column, we have added two fields of ‘New Features/Updates’ and ‘Help Guide (Popular Questions)’. This will keep you updated and informed of how you can best make use of EventNook’s features for your events.



Furthermore, it is exciting to note that the new version is more mobile-friendly! This will make it easier for you to view reports and manage registrations or ticket sales on your mobile devices at any time.

EventNook Dashboard iPad

The EventNook team would continue to work hard to deliver our promise of providing you with a user-friendly and hassle-free online event registration and ticketing site. Do try out our new interface and give us your valuable feedback!

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Top 4 Events this June on EventNook

Not sure what to do this June? Not to worry, because we’ve rounded up some of this month’s highlights just for you.

The Art of Groove – Bass Masterclass by Norm Stockton


Is it all about that bass? It will be a no-holds-barred, all bass, all groove afternoon with Norm, as he shares about the finer details of groove and bass playing. Hear his journey to becoming a highly sought after musician and bassist. Come and be part of this exciting afternoon to be inspired, equipped, and hang out with fellow bassist and musicians.

The event will be on Saturday 6th June, from 2.30pm-5pm. More details can be found here.


DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia Finale



Come down and be inspired by the finalists as they pitch their ideas in front of a renowned panel of judges. Come down early to enjoy the DBS Foundation Seminar for Social Enterprises.

The event will be on Friday 12th June, 9.30am-4pm. More details can be found here.


The New You – Skincare. Hairstyling. Makeup. Photography.


A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous. – Coco Chanel

Come down for a relaxing afternoon and let yourself be pampered by a professional team of makeover specialists and the most advanced skincare technology from Maione Youth Original Essence.

The event will be on Sunday 14th June, 1pm onwards. More details can be found here.


Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign 2015


Singapore celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign, an annual flagship event in support of the anti-drug cause. With a focus on Community Togetherness, this year’s campaign will include the Anti-Drug Abuse Carnival – with DIY stations, activities such as skateboarding and a special photo exhibition on 20 years of the Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign. The popular anti-drug dance competition – DanceWorks! will return this year and be held concurrently, within the same hall.

The event will be on Friday, 26th June to Saturday, 27th June. More details can be found here.

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Integrate our event registration site with your existing website/membership system

Do you have an existing website or membership system?

EventNook - Integration with existing systemsMany organizations do. With an event calendar and an event listing table, websites often serve as a powerful platform for interested individual to find your events and sign up for them.


To better suit the needs of event organizers, eventnook has developed a number of ways to integrate our event ticketing and registration systems with other websites and membership portals.

Let’s have a quick look of these features!

1. Embedded Ticket Widget

event registraiton and ticketing - embedded ticket widgetHave you ever gone to a event website, looked through the event details, but just cannot find the place to register for the event easily? Some interested individuals may turn away just because the registration page is too hard to find.

With eventnook’s online event registration system, you can easily set up a big eye-catching registration window on your own website! As such, visitors to your event site can conveniently click and register on the go, saving them the trouble and confusion of going through multiple links just to register for the event.

2.Invitation code

event registraiton ticket window - Invitation code for member pricingWhen you organize an event as an organizer, you may want to give special prices to your association members. But how do you prevent non-members from buying tickets at member prices?

With the help of eventnook’s invitation code function, you can easily  resolve the problem. When someone selects the “Member” ticket category, he or she will be immediately prompted to enter a unique code or an ID. This prevents others from taking advantage of the member prices.

3.Export to Drive or Excel

event attendees' data - export order list to excelSome event organizers may like to keep a track record of the individuals who have registered for the events.

With our “Save to Drive” and “Export List to Excel” function. You can constantly update your own database with relevant information of past and current event attendees. As such, you can easily analyse the preferences of members from different organizations, and constantly improve your event planning strategies from there!

Organizing or Planning an event?

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[Feature Update] Make Event Site Look great with cover image (header image)

Once again we’re excited to bring you a new feature we added this week. If you’ve been organising events using EventNook for online event registration, you might’ve noticed the empty space at the top of your event page.

Now with this new feature, you’ve the option of adding a cover image to make your event page look even more amazing!

cover image good 2

cover image good 3

If you want your event page to look even better, contact us and we can customise your event page to your specifications.

cover image good 1

If you need help on how to add your cover image, just visit our help guide at

Just let us know if you have any feedback, we always appreciate your feedback!

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