Exhibits Social Enterprise in Singapore

What is a social enterprise?
“Social enterprises are, first and foremost, businesses…Like any other business, it aims to create surpluses, but seeks to reinvest those surpluses to achieve its social objectives.” – Social Enterprise Association is part of a campaign, (pronounced advocacy), aimed at raising awareness of social enterprises among youths and young adults in Singapore. Launched by final year students from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication, they present: An Interactive Exhibition of Local Social Enterprises (pronounced as vibrancy) is an interactive carnival and museum like event that serves to showcase lifestyle products and services from local social enterprises in Singapore. Want to know more about how successful entrepreneurs put the heart into their businesses? Spend your day visiting the exhibits of 15 local social enterprises and learning about their worthy causes.

At the same time, don’t forget to treat yourself to food, drinks, performances and more! YouTube performer Joie Tan and singer songwriter Sara Wee will be sharing the stage with some of our social enterprises. They have worked hard, for many months to bring to us this event, come join them at:

Click on this link for the trailer:

You can watch more YouTube clips on some of the social entrepreneurs, performers and other information regarding this campaign on their FaceBook page. Click here to find out more!