Google Forms alternative for events registration

Some new visitors to asked: “What is the difference between Google Form and EventNook? How is EventNook is a better alternative to
Google Form?” eventnook-logo-440In this new blog post, we will share 7 simple reasons to why EventNook is more suitable for general event registration and ticketing.

What is Google Form?                    Google alternatives for event registration

It is an application to capture data with customized forms that can be submitted to Google Spreadsheet, to organize and share data, as well as collect surveys, simple event RSVP forms, enquiry forms.

How is EventNook a better alternative to Google Forms for events registration?

EventNook is useful when you want to publish your events on a professional-looking event site, get complete registration and ticketing forms and functions such as multiple ticket types, controlling quantity of tickets available, sell tickets with online payment, event promotion with discount code and comprehensive reporting of registrations and payments and more.

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mobile friendly event registration micro site

1. Event Micro-site

EventNook provides you with micro-sites to publish your event details. In less than 10 minutes, you can set up a professional-looking and mobile friendly event site.

Specifications like date and time, a mini map showing the location as well as pictures and videos can be easily included. Through the event site, event attendants can easily read about your event details such as event schedule and list of speakers and share the event with their friends through social media and other platforms!

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2. Multiple Ticket Types

Online Event Registration - multiple ticket types
You are organizing an event with different tickets for Members and Non-members, early-birds and regulars. With Google Form, you would need 4 separate forms. But at EventNook, you can arrange all your different ticket types together nicely in a single event registration system! You can even set up special promotional codes targeted at VIPs, or collect tax in the tickets. It is just so comprehensive and so convenient!


Event Registration - Track attendees on event day 3. Track your attendants or scan QR code tickets on your event day!
Have you ever been to an event and see long queues for registration? With the EventNook app, you just need to slide and tap to register an attendee! You can also request for advance features like QR code tickets, so your event attendees can have the cool experience of registering by simply scanning the code.

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4. Control of the maximum number of tickets

Now imagine you booked a small venue for your talk which can only house 50 people. Nevertheless, you may send your invitations to 200 interested individuals to maximise your sign-up rate. What if more than 50 people signed up? With EventNook, that will never be a concern as you can set a maximum cap to the number of sign-ups. You can focus on marketing your event at ease!


5. Streamline payment collection with Online PaymentOnline payment for event tickets

Google Forms do not provide online payment facilities to event attendants for PAID tickets, but EventNook does! This makes buying event tickets simple and easily accessible for event attendants. That’s the whole point of using an online event ticketing software!


Confirmation and reminder emails for event attendees6.Confirmation Email

In addition, event attendants will also receive a confirmation email for their registration with an automated receipt for the tickets they purchase, therefore making registration and payment safe and reliable.

7. Reminder Emails

Don’t you think it would be great to send out reminders to your event attendants before your event? Here at EventNook, we automatically send your event attendants reminder emails before the events so that they can easily manage their time amidst their busy schedules.


There are other exciting advance features EventNook has, including but not limited to:

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Do our features sound exciting to you? Then why not give EventNook a try? There are no sign-up charges. It is free for free events, and we would only charge you a minimum fee for paid events! Visit us at: