A detailed explanation of the advance features of eventnook

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can design your own order confirmation email template? Or make changes to the layout of your eventnook event site to suit your organization’s style?

If youeventnook online event registration - customization services are organizing a very important event, you would like to do everything to ensure that your event attendees have an excellent experience with event registration and ticketing. Eventnook’s strong in-house technical team is here to help you in providing a perfect event registration experience for your event attendees!

To achieve that, eventnook supports a lot advance registration and ticketing features at the back end. Today, I would like to share some of these awesome features we provide. If you are interested in any of these features, feel free to contact us at hello@eventnook.com or give us a call at (+65) 6681-6571.

[Eventnook is an online event registration and ticketing system, try it out here! (www.eventnook.com)]

1. Customization of email templates and messages

Customized confirmation email - eventnook online event registration and ticketingAre there certain things you would like the attendees to take note of after the event registration and before the event? We can help to put in your special T&C, rules and regulations, information on attires and things to bring, etc.

2. Tier Ticket Pricing by Period

Take a quick look at the image below.

Eventnook Ticketing - Tier Ticket PricingWhat will happen if there aren’t the Early Bird and Regular tiers? You will need to create 8 ticket types, making you ticket registration box unnecessarily lengthened and ugly. In this way, everything is much clearer!

3.QR code ticketing and on-site check-in

Eventnook event registration system - QR code ticketing


Isn’t it cool if you can registered at the event site just by scanning the QR code that is displayed on your phone?

Eventnook can help you enable the QR code check-in functions to provide your event attendees with this unique experience! With our eventnook app, you can also scan tickets and auto-register your event attendees instantly. We also provide iPad rental if you need a device for on-site event a check-in.


[Would you like to have a quick 1-minute overview of eventnook? overview.eventnook.com]

4.Customization of eventnook event micro-site

Singapore Yacht Show. Eventnook customized registration pageDon’t like the normal layout for your event ticketing page? Do you want to have your nice brand logo or event poster as the background instead? Let us help you design your ticketing page the way you want it to be!

eventnook online event ticketing system. invitation

5.Invitation codes

You want to sell tickets to the public but at the same time save some tickets for your VIPs. In that case invitation codes will be really helpful to ensure that the persons buying tickets on the other end are the VIPs that you have invited.

eventnook - online event registration software. invitation codeThe feature you are looking for is not in the list? Don’t worry, just contact hello@eventnook.com and talk to us! We will always be keen to look at your requirement and needs, to provide the customizations that suit your preferences.