10 simple but great event poster ideas to inspire you

BannerPosters are the bread and butter for events. Whether it be posted online or pasted on walls, they are the most reliable and cost-efficient way to get your message across. But how can you get more people to look at your posters and actually read it without shelving out a ton of money to hire a professional graphic designer? How can you produce highly customised posters that capture the essence of your events while on a budget? Here are 10 design ideas you can adapt to suit your own purposes without requiring too much design work.

1. Make full use of geometric designs

Geometric designs can be used for almost any event type but is one of the best ways to capture attention.

Credits: Web Design Freebies
Credits: Web Design Freebies

They are less distracting compared to images so viewers will be able to read the text easily. It is also extremely adaptable to different events.

Design: Emilio José Bernard
Design: Emilio José Bernard

You can change the entire vibe of the poster by playing with colour balances. It is a simple way to make posters for any occasion look professional!

geometry blue

2. Ambient designs those incorporate surroundings

Don’t want to draw? Can’t use photoshop to save your life? Then why not take a look at your surroundings and make use of it? Let the environment do the work for you! Although it is expensive to mass print ambient posters, or stick it anywhere you like, you can grab more attention with fewer posters if they are strategically well-placed.

Design: Y&R New York

Design: Y&R New York for the Bronx Zoo
Design: Y&R New York for the Bronx Zoo

3. Using simple, everyday items

Take inspiration from simple items you can find cheaply and make it relevant to your message. Simple and effective, people will do a double-take and remember your message long after walking past the poster.

Design: Melanie Scott Vincent Ironically, this poster won’t be ignored everyday!
Design: Melanie Scott Vincent
Ironically, this poster won’t be ignored everyday!

4. Photography

Let the real world colour your paint palette. Many photos online look, quite frankly fake, and the really good ones are copyrighted. If you have a good quality camera, why not dabble in some photography? You may not be as good as professional cameramen but what you have is authenticity. You don’t have to start a design from scratch so you save much more time.

You can easily manipulate the photograph as seen in this Synthesis Poster!

Credits: Sam Reed Design
Credits: Sam Reed Design


5. Interactive

Create a simple puzzle or riddle. Your viewers will no longer be a passive audience. They will give you the response your poster deserves. A puzzle of the right difficulty level can get people to stop and linger longer than for an average poster. Of course, you can then sneakily include your event details. And best of all, you only need to find a nice font for text.

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Design: Seagram An example of a “quiz” that gets people thinking about your message
Design: Seagram
An example of a “quiz” that gets people thinking about your message
A word search the EventNook team has painted on a wall at our office, Blk 71!

Get more interactive with your audience by creating something they can be part of! The San Francisco Zoo got young and old alike to take photo with their poster. People who took their photos against the poster posted them on social media and allowed others on their social network to see it!Design: BBDO

Design: BBDO
Design: BBDO

6. Humor but relevant

A little humor can make your ad more memorable without requiring complex graphic design. The SIFF poster exemplifies “unexpected” and surprises the viewer with humour. It truly makes them think: “What the hell?”.

It requires some graphic designing but it is not too demanding for an amateur designer.

Design: adweek.com
Design: adweek.com

7. Smart design

Not the simplest of designs but again, not unattainable for amateur designers who want to impress. Smart designs won’t require you to go all out and draw something from scratch but can capture the essence of your event in an ingenious way through design. They are adequate on their own to capture attention and get people to understand your event from a whole new angle.

Design: Kaushik Design
Design: Kaushik Design Emphasises that the event is about both FOOD+WINE

8. Play with the fonts

There are hundreds of awesome free fonts to download for a start. But if you have a bit more time on your hand, why not take some inspiration from this poster! Interesting fonts can grab attention and elevate your message. Since the text is essential in any poster, why not make it fun and vibrant?

Design: Kittaya Treseangrat
Design: Kittaya Treseangrat

9. Modify event designs for series of events

You can slightly modify designs (such as by changing the colour schemes) for multiple events that are part of a series. This gives consistency to event publicity but avoids the dreariness of the same posters being plastered everywhere. A spin on one design can get people interested time and time again even if you are posting the same event poster everywhere. A great way to prevent advertising fatigue! And you don’t have to design an entirely new poster as well!

Design: DKNG
Design: DKNG

10. Poster Templates

For serial event planners and wordy event posters (conferences, workshops, etc.), it will be useful to have templates on hand to insert the text and images into. It is important that the template makes the text look clean and readable.

Websites such as postermywall.com offer thousands of templates for you to modify. If you want more customizability, canva.com and pixlr.com are good options as well!

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Taken from postermywall.com
Taken from postermywall.com


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