EventNook empowers Bar Camp Yangon 2016!

Bar Camp Yangon

Bar Camp Yangon 2016 is an event emerged as a result of Myanmar’s unprecedented liberalisation. Every year, about 5000 youths turn up to openly discuss about interesting topics such as technology, social issues and entrepreneurship.

EventNook is proud to be given the opportunity to empower Bar Camp Yangon 2016! Attendees register through EventNook’s online event registration system, which is extremely user friendly. Upon receiving their confirmation email, attendees simply attend the event without the hassle of bringing a ticket. Seamless check-in and QR code ticketing enable stress-free event management, as the check-in process is quick and simple, hence preventing long queues.

By using EventNook, Bar Camp Yangon is able to customised their QR ticketing and manage attendees and ticketing on the go. Other available features include multiple ticket categories & pricing, use of Paypal or payment by credit card online and a private event option for VIP guests, just to name a few. These features have enhanced event ticketing and conference registration for EventNook users.

EventNook looks forward to serving Bar Camp Yangon 2016 & their attendees this year! Try out EventNook and register for Bar Camp Yangon 2016 here!

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