[Product Update] Launch of Stripe Makes Payment A Breeze  

The latest EventNook update is a huge leap both for event organisers and for attendees. EventNook is very excited to announce offering additional online credit card payment method with Stripe. With the addition of the NEW Stripe feature, collecting payment & selling tickets with online credit card payment just got much easier and event organisers are now able to achieve so much more!

Credit card paymentFor those who are already familiar with PayPal for selling tickets online, Stripe is an additional or alternative great payment option to sell event tickets with credit card payment. It user interface is very simple, minimalism and mobile friendly.

But that’s not all, let’s see what else Stripe has to offer:

✔ Sales deposited straight into your account as tickets are purchased

Unlike many ticketing solutions, EventNook does not withhold your funds! With Stripe, you can configure your account to transfer your funds on various alternative schedules. Thus, instead of having to wait for an event to be over, or for the end of the month to come, you can now collect your funds as you wish!

 ✔ A low, simple flat rate of 3.4% + 50 cents

Save the hassle of additional accounting with Stripe with its simple flat rate of 3.4% + 50 cents in Singapore (This rate varies between countries). In addition, offering competitive rates on processing fees, Stripe has no refund costs or monthly fees.

✔ 139 Currencies Available

With the vast number of currencies available, event organisers need not fear that international attendees are unable to make payment online. Available for business in 123 countries and with 139 currencies available, Stripe brings convenience to a whole new level.

✔ Easy payment for attendees!

With Stripe, attendees save the trouble of needing to sign up for an account – They can simply pay through the use of their credit cards!
 Easy payment for attendees

Starting/Linking your Stripe Merchant Account:

Stripe is easy to use for both event attendees and organisers. Simply click Currency & Payment to Connect with Stripe. This will link us directly to Stripe’s Sign In/Sign Up page.

connecting stripe to eventnook

Do note that Singapore event organisers have to receive a referral link in order to sign up for Stripe. You can request for one here. Alternatively, contact us at hello@eventnook.com and we will gladly send you one!

EventNook is excited about this new launch of the stripe feature and hopes to continue making event registration even simpler to our users!
Use Stripe on EventNook for your events now & we promise an even smoother transaction!

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