EventNook Launches New Pricing Plans – Catering Better To Different Customer Needs

new pricing plans
EventNook is thrilled to announce our new pricing plan, a plan that provides a better catering for the growing needs of different sizes and types of customers which need a different level of supports and service consumption with easy and affordable pricing.

Putting ourselves in the perspectives of our customers, we acknowledge that planning and managing an event with 100 pax and an event with 1,000 pax have different requirements. At the same time, planning and managing a students gathering event with 100 pax and a conference with 100 pax which attendees are high-profile delegates cannot share the same planning and registration process.

Thus, we have developed a pricing plan which is flexible so you can get and pay for exactly what you need. With our the new plan,

#1 You can choose a plan that is best for you

With our new flexible pricing, our plans allow users to choose a plan based on the features and assistance they require! We hope to cater more flexibility for different sizes and types. We have plans from $9/month, $69/month to $399/month for different types of customer needs. Our plans are catered specially to 4 main types of EventNook users, allowing them to select the perfect plan

These 4 types are namely:
Eventnook pricing plan
Who is suitable for Basic Plan?
If you are organizing a simple event with less than 500 pax like a seminar, workshop or a social/community event, you may choose to start with our Basic Plan at $9/month for service subscription of our completely self-serviced tool. You can easily create and launch an event site in less than 10 minutes and will be able to manage the registration, payment, event information, and more.

Who is suitable for Pro Plan?
If you are organizing a large ticketed event or a business conference, you may consider choosing our PRO plan at $69/month or other higher grade plans. The PRO plan allows you to enable features such as QR Code e-Ticket, Seamless Check-In, Customization of Automated Confirmation Email, Automated Invoicing for accepting payment mode like cheques as well as supporting higher load for accepting high volume registration.

Another key aspect here, is that the PRO Plan may actually help large reduce commissions for users. With a new commission rate of 1% of ticket fees for paid tickets, instead of the previous 2.5% + $0.30 per ticket sold. This allows users to save cost on commission fees and yet obtain more features.

Who is suitable for Business Plan?
The business plan is similar to PRO plan with prioritized support and allows bigger event size up to 3,000 pax.

Who is suitable for Enterprise Plan?
When you organize the very important event for a corporate such as Annual Gala Dinner for 2,000 corporate clients or a conference with a complex requirement, the enterprise is the plan you’ll need. It allows event agencies and corporate clients to have a dedicated account manager support, professional service such as website brand customization and other ad-hoc professional services, the enterprise would be the choice as the customers can have EventNook team like an extended IT team to support the event team.

#2 You can choose a payment period that is best for you

Our plan allows you to choose whether you wish to pay annually or pay monthly. This allows you to choose a plan based on the frequency of your usage. For example, if you organize events on a regular basis, you may wish to sign up for the annual plans. However, if you have a one of event, or have many events clustered within only a couple of months, you may wish to go for the plan which allows you to pay monthly. This way, you can optimize your spending and obtain great features with very reasonable prices.

Billed Annually:
eventnook pricing

Billed Monthly:
eventnook pricingHere at EventNook, we care for the productivity and convenience of our customers and want them to achieve an impressive event with an affordable, productive preparation processes. Thus, we have carefully thought through this new price planning in order to allow them the achieve the most with the least.

For existing customers, please contact us at hello@eventnook.com to learn more. We hope to be able to help you with and advice you on necessary upgrades.

About EventNook:

Event Management Software company, EventNook is an online event registration & ticketing platform where organisers can set up and customise their very own event page. Through it, organisers can collect attendees’ information and their payment using a real-time dashboard. Features such as Automated Email Confirmation and QR Code Check-In make the job of event organisers much easier and more efficient. Recently, EventNook launched an Event Venues Directory which provides information on more than 5,000 venues in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong, making one of the best places on the web to look for venues in South East Asia.

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