Why Event Organizers Love QR codes and e-Tickets

From music concerts to business conferences, if there is one thing in common for these events, it will be the long queues they entail. To save time, cost, and the sanity of their participants, event organizers have looked to technology to find a solution: QR Code e-Ticketing.

True to its name, QR codes deliver Quick Response(s) to the systems with just a quick scan. With a QR code embedded ticket, a quick wave in front of a camera is all it takes to check in within seconds. However, as a disruptive innovation, users often tend to compare QR coded e-tickets with traditional ticketing.

Time Effectiveness:

– QR Codes: QR codes are known for being fast and effective, allowing data to be downloaded within seconds. In its application for event registration, there will be no need to fumble over excel sheets to search for attendee names, or to go through the trouble of verifying the tickets. One scan is all it takes.

– Physical tickets: Most people would have experienced misplacing their tickets before the start of the show. Not only is it time consuming to collect and search for the tickets, it also dampens the mood for participants. With e-ticketing, organizers no longer have to worry about ticket distribution, and attendees will always have access to their tickets as long as they have their electronic devices.

Cost Effectiveness:

– QR Codes: Though sending out e-tickets and QR codes through email might be almost free, it could be difficult to find a service provider that does it well for you at an affordable price. Well, that is why we are here.

– Physical tickets: Event Organisers would have to consider not only the designing, manufacturing but also the distribution costs.


– QR Codes: Contrary to popular beliefs, QR codes can have special designs. With up to 30% error margin, you are free to change the colors and designs of a QR code, as long as the contrast between it and the background color is strong enough. E-Tickets can also be used to further promote an event or a brand through customized and innovative designs.

– Physical tickets: Though not as effective, physical tickets are often used as a keepsake to reminisce about a significant and memorable event, such as wedding invitations etc.


While QR coded e-Tickets are effective, it does have certain limitations in terms of designs and usage as compared to physical tickets. Most event organizers who adopt such technology will be those who seek simplicity and effectiveness. QR Coded tickets can also be printed out as formal invitations. For example, event organizers such as CloudAsia and SMU have been adopting QR coded ticket check-ins to better their registration process.

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