Customize Questions for Specific Attendees

When you first created your event, you were able to customize and add registration form fields to collect your customers’ information. But what if you don’t need to gather information from all of your customers?

We strive to make your event management process as simple as possible, so we created a feature that allows you to show/hide form fields for different groups of attendees (so that you can acquire information only from the people you need)!

Examples of How You Can Use This Feature

  • Member / NonmemberWhen you’re holding an event where your attendees will consist of members and non-members, you might feel that you only want to collect information from nonmembers since you already have information about your members (and do not want to store duplicate information). In the example above, you can see that members have fewer form fields to fill out to register for the event, while nonmembers have to include their job position, the company they are working for, and where they learned about the event. This allows you to collect valuable information from new guests while also indicating to your members that you value their time by not requiring them to fill out information that they have already done before.
  • Local / International AttendeesWhen you’re holding an event for local and international attendees, you might want to collect some information from only your international attendees, such as their flight details, so that you can accommodate them. This feature allows you to customize not only the questions you want to ask your attendees but also which attendees you want to ask the question to.

To learn how to show/hide ticket form fields, please visit our help page.

If you still have questions on how to utilize this feature, feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be glad to help you!

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