Sentosa SDConnect using QR code verification: made easy with EventNook

Most event planners often wonder whether they should automate their registration process for their event. If so, how much? Well the reasoning behind this question boils down to the fear of disengaging with their participants from the beginning.

However, that may not be the case always. Automation can bring about a lot of benefits especially for a huge event like the SDConnect, held by Sentosa.

Sentosa Development Corporation recently hosted their annual SDConnect event which aimed to bring together Sentosa staff members from all specialized fields of work to participate in a list of fun filled activities with exciting gifts to be redeemed.

SDConnect is a large scale staff cohesion with over a 1000 attendees and a total of 6 different activity booths to manage. Hence, Sentosa Development Corporation adopted the Multi-Session Check-in function, a one stop solution to ease the process of registration, attendee’s progress verification and gift redemption.

As gifts are only redeemable after the attendees have completed all required activities, the Multi-Session Mobile Check-in function was being utilised at all activity booths. At the end of each activity, attendees are only required to scan their personalized QR code for their completion to be instantly recorded. These information is being synchronized which allows organizers at the gift redemption booth to track the real-time progress of each attendee effectively before gifting.

With the EventNook Mobile QR Scan and Multi-Session Check-in function, SDConnect’s organizers were able to carry out verification and validation processes for all 6 activity booths effortlessly within no time on just one single platform!

EventNook has also received positive feedback from the Divisional Director of Sentosa Development Corporation for offering innovative digital experience.

Check out our video from the event!

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