5 Benefits of Streamlining your Event Registration Process

Registering your event attendees manually can be a tedious process especially if Event Organisers are expecting a large crowd at their event. In this article, we will be focusing on 5 benefits of streamlining event registration process.

  • Cost Saving

Utilising an Event Management Software will definitely reduce the time taken to check in attendees. For example, EventNook’s check-in system only requires about 3 seconds to check-in 1 attendee. As a result, the number of check-in counters and manpower needed will decrease as well, which will help Event Organisers to save cost.

  • Increased Sales due to Easy Registration Process

Upon using Event Management Software, Event Organisers are able to create their own event registration website easily. Hence this makes it convenient for the attendees as they can sign up for the event anytime, anywhere. Attendees are also able to make quick and easy payment online, such as Paypal, which is a more convenient and secured mode of payment. Having an easy registration process will entice more attendees to sign up for the event which will lead to an increase in sales.

  • Improve the Company’s Image

Registration Process is the first point of contact between the attendees and the event. Hence, the attendees experience with the registration process will form the first impression they have of the event. By engaging event management software will definitely create a smoother and faster registration experience for attendees, which will reflect well on the company’s image.

  • Event Organisers will receive the latest updates of the event

With Real Time Reports, Event Organisers can easily obtain relevant data such as number of attendees who registered for the event, actual number of attendees that came for the event and amount of revenue earned from Event Management Software. Not only are the data more accurate, it is generated automatically which will be helpful for Event Organisers as they would not have to fork out extra time to collate these data manually.

  • Event Organisers will have more time to settle other things on hand

From choosing of venue to inviting speakers and sourcing for caterers, there are much to complete within a certain period as an Event Organiser. Hence by streamlining registration process, Event Organisers are able to free up more time to settle other details needed to run the event. For example, here at EventNook Event Organisers can create an event registration page easily within minutes and attendees will be able to register through the website immediately. Event Organisers can log in anytime to monitor the number of sign-ups and obtain relevant information easily.

EventNook’s registration software system streamlines registration process, making it fast, simple and efficient. If you are planning to hold an event, do check out our website for some of the events that we have supported here: http://overview.eventnook.com/p/event-checkin-showcases