Onsite Name Badge Printing Support for Events using 3rd Party Registration Platform

EventNook SMART Check-in and Badge Printing

Are you looking for onsite badge printing software or service that works with events hosted in your own internal registration system or 3rd party registration platform such as Eventbrite, CVent, Aventri, Google Form, etc.?

Yes, EventNook has been supporting customers who already have their own online registration system with our onsite registration and instant badge printing solution since we provide onsite only service even though the event organizers do not use EventNook online registration and ticketing for pre-registration. Let your own existing system handle attendee registration and ticketing while EventNook will take care of comprehensive onsite solution with badge printing requirements.

Please take a look at this quick demo of our onsite Badge Printing with QR code check-in scan. The check-in and badge printing takes 2 seconds to register for a guest.

Here is an overview of how we can support Eventbrite events with our onsite only solution.

  1. Registration Data Transfer from Eventbrite to EventNook – we can easily import registration (guests list) from Eventbrite to EventNook with bulk registration upload via excel (csv) to our system. Learn more about Bulk Attendees Registration Upload.
  2. Supporting QR Code from Eventbrite ticket – Our system can also recognize the QR code ticket issued from Eventbrite as we have an option to accept Eventbrite Barcode ID as ticket ID.
  3. Reminder Email Blast as an option – Once registration is uploaded, EventNook system also has an option to send out a personalized email to all attendees uploaded with the attached QR Code ticket in the email. You can use the feature as an Event Reminder email to attendees with the QR Code ticket attached.
  4. Custom Badge Design – We provide different types of badge printing material such as Sticker Label, Art-Card paper, PVC card, and Fabric material according to the customers’ needs. Our team can work with you for the customization of brand design in the badge template. [Some examples of custom badge design]
  5. Walk-in Registration – For last minute walk-in guests, our onsite registration and mobile check-in app provides a registration and print a name badge immediately.
  6. Guest Name Changes and Reprinting of Name Badge – There will always be substitution of guests or changes with guests’ particular and our registration platform allows to edit details and reprint the badge immediately.
  7. Onsite Comprehensive Setup, Equipment Rental, and Technical Support – We provide comprehensive onsite service for the customers organising a major important event which require comprehensive package. Organisers will not need to worry about pieces of equipment, printing materials, technical setup and troubleshooting at the event day as well as product training to temp registration staff.
  8. DIY with your own equipment – And we also provide onsite badge printing solutions to customers who have their own equipment or prefer to invest in equipment for regular or multiple events usages. They can simply use our software service for managing the onsite hassle-free badge printing app service.

If you have an upcoming event or want to find out more about how we can help your team, please contact us for a free consultation and Live demo – https://overview.eventnook.com/p/contactus

To know more about our onsite badge printing software and service, please go to


About EventNook

Event Management Software company based in Singapore which allows event planners and event organizers to manage events registration and ticketing operations smoothly and efficiently. With our easy to use event platform, users can set up a professional looking event website, registration form and online payments with a few clicks and launch online registration and ticket sales immediately.

EventNook started with a humble beginning in 2012 to make organizing events easy and hassle-free for event organizers. Here, we are building the world-class innovative event management platform by simplifying and redefining the old event management process with innovative solutions and leveraging on world-class cloud and mobile-based technologies. We have grown our business organically from serving a couple of events to thousands of events over 21 countries and counting. We build our business from the ground up with one event at a time and we take pride in delivering great event experiences and make events inspiring.


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