Supporting Social Causes With EventNook: National Kidney Foundation Sit-A-Thon 2019

National Kidney Foundation Sit-A-Thon 2019

Patients who suffer from kidney failure have to go through dialysis which require them to sit for long, painful hours on a chair. Do you know how that feels like?

To raise awareness about dialysis patients and the challenges they go through, National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Singapore held its annual instalment of the NKF Sit-A-Thon at Our Tampines Hub from 24th to 25th August 2019. The EventNook Team joined NKF to bring the community a weekend of healthy living and exercise, with Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung, gracing the event.

This year, there were many sign-ups for NKF’s Sit-To-Sweat sessions where participants were engaged in a 50-minute long spin class with instructors. There were a total of 12 sessions held over 2 days.

How did NKF pull off registration for such a large scale event so easily? EventNook was engaged to provide an easy, stress-free registration system for NKF. We provided a whole package which included:

While members of the community were pedalling hard and sweating it out, with the support from EventNook, the NKF team executed a smooth event without breaking a sweat.

the challenge

Registration process. QR check-in, instant name tag printing

From the registration process above, the goodie bag packing was the bottleneck as the volunteers had to pack event t-shirts according to the participants’ sizes on the spot. The team knew this was going to be time-consuming, hence, they minimised the time used for check-in and name printing by engaging EventNook’s services.

We enjoyed being part of the journey to support a meaningful cause with NKF. We would like to congratulate NKF on yet another successful instalment of Sit-A-Thon 2019 and we look forward to working with NKF again!

EventNook started with a humble beginning in 2012 to make organizing events easy and hassle-free for event organizers. Here, we are building the world class innovative event management platform by simplifying and redefining the old event management process with innovative solutions and leveraging on world class cloud and mobile based technologies. We have grown our business organically from serving a couple of events to thousands of events over 20 countries. We build our business from the ground up with one event at a time and we take pride in delivering great event experiences and make events inspiring.   

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