5 Ways to Create An Impressive Check-In Process

One of the most important aspects to any event is always the check-in process, as it is the first impression that sets the mood for the rest of the event. Allow us to introduce 5 key tips to creating this great start.

#1. Make the effort to stand out

Do something that captures the attention of your guest the moment the step into the area. Excite them about your event and create something for them to talk about/be excited about while queue for the event. This is best done by setting the atmosphere for the event even before guests enter the check-in area. Music, decorations and greeters play an effective role in doing so.

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#2. Only do what is necessary

Optimise the check-in process by only doing what is necessary! Skip steps such as administrative matters like collecting personal details which can be done online before hand or during the event itself! This reduces waiting time and keeps your guests hyped up for the event.

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#3. Be prepared, rehearse!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Thinking through the entire process is the foundation of a successful check-in. Take the time to anticipate the needs of your attendees. You may event consider rehearsing the entire process especially if you have a large number of attendees and staff!

#4. Ride on technology

EventNook offers an effective online event ticketing registration system with a self check-in process that requires little manpower and time. QR code ticketing and check-in is also increasingly popular as they save your guests the hassle of producing physical tickets. Making use of such event ticketing softwares which are cheap, convenient and help minimise manpower and time required during the check-in process. This allows you and your staff to focus on the event, while impressing guests with the efficient check-in process!

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#5. Show your excitement

Just like smiling, excitement is contagious. Do not let the stress of registration get to you, take the opportunity to greet you guests and make them feel welcome. Guests can feel it when organisers are excited about their own events! Allow your guest to feel your warm and energy is very important as it can change the mindset of your guests towards your event.

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Good planning and effective use of technology will allow you to focus on the guests themselves, creating the experience that sets your event aside from others. Surprise your guests with some special and leave them talking about your event!

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