The Large Scale YOLO RUN Race Pack Collection using a QR code verification: fast, easy and efficient with EventNook

Participants of an exciting event may be tired of waiting for hours in a long queue only to do some verification process. However, a large-scale event, YOLO RUN in Singapore with more than 9,000 participants adopted a new way to manage race pack collection. The participants can simply bring QR Code e-ticket from their mobile phone. In less than a second, QR Code is scanned for the verification process and a race pack is ready to be collected!

With an EventNook mobile QR Scan, YOLO RUN organizer carried out the verification process easily and quickly and it has significantly reduced the waiting time for YOLO run participants. Even in a peak hour of collection, there is almost no queue.

Look at the following video to see just how quick and smooth the race pack collection process of YOLO run event with the adoption of EventNook mobile onsite check-in app.

Here are some comments and feedbacks from the YOLO RUN participants.

The race pack collection is very well done!” – a young girl
“Very easy, very friendly!” – a mid-aged man
And an experienced marathon runner told,
“the good thing is that we don’t really need to queue.”

We wish the YOLO run will be completely successful on this upcoming Saturday, 22th Oct 2016.



Service EventNook Provided
EventNook provided event management solutions with our online and mobile-based event technology to manage attendee pre-registration, payment collection, and on-site check-in verification. Our system allows for real-time attendance tracking as well as the synchronisation of attendance information between devices. Services include:
• Online Event Registration and Online Payment
• EventNook Onsite Guest Check-in System with QR code ticketing
• Onsite technical support
• Pre-event training & setup
• iPad & Onsite Wifi Equipment Rental and Deployment

About EventNook
EventNook is a leading event technology company in Asia which offers event management platform for end to end registration and ticketing management. We have helped events from Singapore, United States, UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Myanmar and assisted major conferences, corporate events, festival events, etc. by providing comprehensive end-to-end event registration and check-in management solutions that integrate online registration and onsite check-ins.