EventNook vs Eventbrite

Are you looking to compare EventNook vs Eventbrite or whether EventNook can be the best alternative to Eventbrite?

Full Disclosure: We may be biased as this article is written by EventNook team.

Both platforms are competitive and great. However, there are also PROs and CONs of both platforms since they have different focuses in terms of events and customer segments.

Eventbrite is popular in serving all kinds of small scale communitiy driven events organized by individual or ground-up communities. According to their website, Eventbrite serves over 2 million events held per year.

On the other hand, EventNook is geared more toward facilitating the needs of Business and Professional event teams which are managing important business critical events or medium to large scale events, because organizing and managing business critical events is not the same as smaller scale communities driven events.

Here are a few important things which can give you a quick understanding of the differences between EventNook and Eventbrite.

1. Customer Focus : Individual VS Business/Team

EventNook focuses on building its capabilities and services toward meeting the needs of Business and PRO-Event Teams which are managing Medium to Large scale events in terms of size and complexity. However, you can absolutely make use of EventNook for smaller scale events too.

Here are a few examples of the different type and nature of events helped by Eventbrite Vs EventNook.

For example:

  1. Registration for a casual entrepreneurship talk or networking events for a community VERSUS a business leadership conference by an institute or government
  2. Registration for a Ladies night dinner / meetup event VERSUS corporate awards ceremony & Gala dinner
  3. Registration for a biking activity for a small group VERSUS large scale marathon sport events
  4. Registration for a meetup gathering for photography hobbyists VERSUS a regional corporate meeting and incentive trip

Example of some of Eventbrite Events

example of some of Eventbrite events from Eventbrite event directory
example of some of Eventbrite events from Eventbrite event directory

Example of EventNook Featured Event and Case Studies

example of some of eventnook featured events and case studies
example of some of eventnook featured events and case studies

2. Free vs Paid Service

EventNook is a PAID subscription event service and it charges fees for both free and paid events. However, Eventbrite is a FREE platform to host for free events.

A lot of our business customers organize internal or public events, and some of them are fairly complex and large scale. For example, a Business Leadership Conference with 3,000 attendees. The event management team can make use of EventNook’s platform and its services to simplify the registration logistics and event management.

If you are organizing a casual entrepreneurship talk or a FREE small scale networking event, you can probably use either Eventbrite or EventNook. Eventbrite may even be preferable since it is FREE for free events. However, if you organize a business leadership conference by an institute, the event team will most likely prefer to use EventNook for its complete and flexible packages offered to Business and Event teams.

3. Flat commission fee VS Lower commission fee

EventNook charges significant lower commission fee of 1% + $0.30 /ticket while Eventbrite fee is 2.5% + 0.99 /ticket. For medium to large scale events, the organizers will save significant cost with EventNook.

Let’s say 1000 tickets are sold at $200 each, the following is the comparison of the costs from each platform.

  1. EventNook Fee: $2,300
  2. Eventbrite Fee: $5,990

4. Social Communities VS Private

EventNook does not force attendees or registrants to sign up for an account or login at EventNook. On EventNook’s platform, attendees are not subscribed to its marketing and event promotions emails. Attendees will only receive emails or communication messages related to the events they have registered for such as confirmation email, reminder email or event updates from the organizers.

On the other hand, Eventbrite platform promotes recommendations of events to users and attendees based on their account profile and it sends promotions of events which attendees might be interested.

5. End-to-End complete services

If you are organizing large scale trade-show or business conferences and you wish to streamline online registration to onsite management, EventNook offers the complete solution including onsite technical support and training for your event team.

Please have a look at the following video showing how our fast and easy mobile check-in and instant badge printing can help your next business event for faster onsite registration and create greater experience for your audience.

For more information about our badge printing service, click here.

Eventbrite offers similar check in management solutions but as of now, they do not provide instant badge printing service offered on their app. It has other features like onsite ticket sales from the app while EventNook does not offer ticket sales within the check-in app.

6. Event Page vs Event Micro-Site

Eventbrite’s registration site features a single page design with other featured similar events in the page to encourage users to browse more events. On the other hand, EventNook registration site is more exclusive and it provides a micro-site to publish detailed event information with multiple pages.

Example of Eventbrite Registration Page

Eventbrite Event Page Example
Eventbrite Event Page Example

Example of EventNook Registration Micro-Site

EventNook Event Micro-site example
EventNook Event Micro-site example

7. Brand Customization

EventNook has served many international brands such as popular luxury retail brands, consumer products, etc. If you require an event registration site with your own brand experience, EventNook can offer extended brand customization service with an exclusive look and feel.

Example of EventNook Custom Brand Event Page
Example of EventNook Custom Brand Event Page

For more quick facts to compare Eventbrite and EventNook, do click on the following link: http://overview.eventnook.com/p/eventbrite-alternative

If you would like to know more about what we can offer or make easy for your events, just drop us an email (sales@eventnook.com) and we would be glad to serve and be a part of your great events.

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