EventNook is empowering Physical events and activities with its new Online Booking Feature

EventNook Event Booking Site – Art Exhibition Demo

We are excited to share that EventNook has launched Online Booking Feature as part of its online event registration and ticketing platform to support physical events and activities that are coming back with the reopening of borders, travelling and physical activities.

As the countries and communities are learning to stay with the new normal COVID-19 endemic, organising physical events and activities are quite possible to run safely yet fun with digital tools and platforms.

The physical events are slowly coming back and some events will require managing the crowd capacity if a venue has a limit on the number of guests.

Booking Feature with visit date and time slot

Quick Overview of Booking Feature

We would like to go through the key essential online booking features that are offered by the EventNook platform.

Visit Date and Timeslots Setting

The events can be enabled with available dates and timeslots or sessions to accept the limited number of attendees or visitors per session. For example, if a venue for an art exhibition can accept a maximum of 50 guests per 1-hour session and 8 sessions a day, the booking site can be set up with 8 sessions and capacity.

Ticket Type

If the event requires to accept booking by different ticket types or categories such as Ticket for Adult, Child or Student, it can be easily set up with free or paid ticket type as in the picture below.

Custom Questions in the Booking Form

The event can also collect the custom questions in the booking form such as Name, Email, Mobile, etc. depending on what organisers require to know from the audience and terms and conditions of the event.

EventNook Online Booking Form with Personal Details and custom questions

Online Payment

For paid ticketed events, there are multiple online payment options available such as PayPal, Major cards such as Visa, Master, Amex, and Wallet Pay such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and Grab Pay.

Online Payment for Ticketing

QR Code e-Ticket

The EventNook booking platform will issue the QR code e-ticket immediately upon the booking is successful and the guests will receive the QR code e-ticket via confirmation email. The e-ticket QR code can be presented from their mobile for check-in and admission at the event door.

Admission Control / Check-in App

EventNook Kiosk smart check-in (EventNook check-in) allows the organizers to easily scan the QR code for admission control and verify the ticket issued to the buyers in a second. EventNook smart check-in also can be used for printing a badge or a physical ticket on the spot upon check-in.

EventNook SMART Check-in and Badge Printing
EventNook Event Smart Check-in app and Instant Badge Printing or Ticketing

Event Microsite

Last but not the least, EventNook booking tools come with an event micro-website that will be a main event landing page to publish event details and the site can be shared across multiple online channels for promotion and invitation for booking the event.

EventNook Event Booking Platform

EventNook booking tool can be used for selling tickets online and accepting booking for various types of activities or shows such as Festival, Events, Science Museum, Indoor sport activities, art exhibition, Road show events for product launch, pop-up stores, more.

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