[CASE STUDY] How Raffles Institution Utilizes EventNook for Their Events

Raffles Institution is a leading Singaporean pre-tertiary institution in Singapore, founded in 1823, with many notable and successful alumni. As a leading school that has been established for two centuries, the school has evolved and adopted innovative technologies in administration processes, teaching methods, and programs. 

EventNook has been a proud event technology partner in providing innovative event registration platforms for school activities and events such as Symposium, Open House, Student Conference, and all other school activities. The adoption and living by innovative technology and solutions also indirectly inspire their students to think innovatively through experiencing the technology such as event management. 

With the EventNook platform, the students and the school event committee can easily create and launch the event registration site or ticket sales in minutes and they can efficiently manage the school events with a small team with a similar capacity to the professional and corporate event managers could achieve. 

The following are some of the key features the school events team utilises to manage all of their school events and activities:

  1. Create Event Website
  2. Customizable Online Registration Form
  3. Online Ticketing with seamless online payments for school ticketed events
  4. QR Code e-Ticketing for attendance and admission control
  5. Automated Communication such as Event Reminder Email, Post-Event Thank you email, etc
  6. Smart Check-in with QR Code
  7. Real-time registration and attendance reporting

A compliment from the Dean of School

It’s been many years since we’ve started the partnership with Eventnook and I think RI has greatly benefited from it.  Thank you for your support!

We are also greatly appreciative of the Raffles Institution that trusted in our service and partnership with. We look forward to being part of the education community for years to come.

EventNook is based in Singapore and we are one of the leading event technology companies in Asia. Our mission is to continue to build a scalable event management platform by simplifying and, in many ways, redefining the old event management process. We take into account every event we have assisted in managing, and using this insight, we have optimized our use of the latest innovations in cloud and mobile technologies. In doing so, we have empowered event organizers and planners to create a truly successful series of events.
If you are looking for an innovative event platform to organize your school activities, drop us a note and our event success team will be glad to assist your school events successfully. Learning more about EventNook – https://www.eventnook.sg