Elevating SUTD’s Career Fair Experience: EventNook’s Impact on Engagement and Registration

Deciding what you would like to do after graduation is one of the milestones for students and their parents, especially when considering their future career paths.

Career Fairs play an important role for students as they showcase some of the many opportunities that await them after graduation, allowing them to meet with potential employers and explore various career paths. It’s a day where they can showcase their skills and experience, network with professionals in their field of interest, and learn more about the potential companies and organizations they may want to work for in the future.

For many students, attending a career fair is an important step as it allows them to gather valuable information, gain insight into different industries, and possibly even secure an internship or job offer which is what SUTD is hoping to help their students achieve.

Seeing as how it was a career fair, it meant both interested companies and students were streaming in by the droves and what SUTD needed was a smooth and efficient process to reduce any waiting time and potential dissatisfaction by the participants. With EventNook, SUTD delivered a smooth event-attending experience to the participating companies and students looking for job opportunities while keeping a close eye on the overall turnout rate.

Requirements by SUTD included:

  1. Ensuring a fast and seamless check-in experience for attendees
  2. Communicating the display arrangement to all participating company representatives
  3. Instantly printing badges for attendees upon check-in.
  4. Managing different categories for the different participating companies

One of the challenges faced during the event was the turn-our rate, there had been more interested students than anticipated which led to queues forming; however, as the onsite registration and printing powered by EventNook made the process as quick as three seconds, the students were able to be registered and admitted into the fair without any delay.

Another service EventNook provides is onboarding assistance, such as product training to onsite training, meaning your team would be prepped and equipped to deal with the event registration process which ensures that even in the event of delays and hiccups, your team would be able to handle it.

About EventNook

EventNook is based in Singapore, and we are one of the leading event technology companies in Asia. Our mission is to continue to build a scalable event management platform by simplifying and, in many ways, redefining the old event management process. We take into account every event we have assisted in managing, and using this insight, we have optimized our use of the latest innovations in cloud and mobile technologies. We have empowered event organizers and planners to create a successful series of events.

If you are looking for an event technology and registration solution partner to organize your next major event, drop us a note. Our event success team will be glad to assist your school events successfully. Learning more about EventNook – https://www.eventnook.sg