Multi-user access support

EventNook now allows multi-users access to support team collaboration. The owner (admin) of the event can invite to other collaborators (users) to have access the event data, edit the event, manage registrations, manage discount codes, view reports, etc.

How to add a collaborator to the event

Under the selected event dashboard, Go to Setup >> User Access.

For the sake of simplicity, there are 2 user roles (Manager and Analyst) provided which are to be assigned for collaborators.

1. Manager role is allowed to manage the whole event (such as edit event settings, manage orders, discounts, view reports, etc) except permission on “Manage Collaborators”.

2. Analyst (View Reports Only) role is allowed to view reports such as orders and attendees.

Add an event manager for your event registration site

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Save or Export your EventNook attendees list to Google Drive with one click

Google recently launched its plugin button (here is the announcement) to allow the documents in the web to be easily saved and stored into the Google Drive (Google docs) which is linked to your gmail personal or business account.

At eventnook, we always seek to provide better ways to help the event planners and organizers job easier, more effective and efficient with managing events.

We believe this feature will help a lot to our users to save attendees list with one click into the Google Drive where more and more event organizers are using it for collaboration.

Here is how you can save attendees list with one click.

event attendees' data - export order list to excel
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