How school open house events are using EventNook registration platform to increase attendance

Choosing the right school is often seen as a major milestone for students and their parents. Asides from the academic achievements, many students are placing more emphasis on how the schools can aid and guide them in their holistic development. 

Open houses play an important role for the schools to attract and recruit a new batch of students every year. It is often seen as the first impression of the school to impress and welcome aspiring students. The students, with their parents, can get to understand more about the programs and experience the schools offer through opportunities to meet with the senior students and teachers before making their decisions.

EventNook is proud to have empowered several local and international schools based in Singapore by digitalizing the registration and check-in processes for the open houses and various activities. 

With various activities such as guided tours, the Principal’s address, and sharing sessions by the faculty, there is a need to ensure that the crowd control is being well managed. We have received numerous feedback that managing the registration and crowd manually proved to be very time-consuming and taxing. With space limitations as one of the major constraints, most schools face the same problems when receiving a high registration rate from aspiring students and their parents.

As the world and technologies have evolved, manual registration, like in the old day, is not acceptable anymore. Schools have to do engagement and promotion of the upcoming activities on social media channels timely.

As the world evolves, technologies become readily available to help ease the slow, manual processes of the good old days. Digitalization and engaging the students through social media channels become inevitable for most schools.

The ease of the registration process and the timeliness of marketing with email reminders play a critical role in a successful turnout rate, even for schools that do not have any problems with garnering the interest of students. When the registration process is too deemed to be too troublesome, it will have an increased frustration which will have a huge impact on the registration and turnout rate.

Registration by timeslot and capacity control example

EventNook has helped several schools and their administration teams run their events efficiently and effectively. With innovative ways of managing the event registration process, engagements have increased significantly, and the team can focus more on creating a better experience for the students. 

The school team can easily manage the entire event with a simple and user-friendly administrative portal. 

EventNook’s simple and powerful event registration management platform

With EventNook, schools can professionally create and manage their open house event in minutes and create and launch Event Websites, Ticket Sales, and Registration in minutes. Here are some of our main features that can be utilized in managing your Open House event:

  1. Launch event site in minutes
  2. The automated end-to-end registration process
  3. Managing booking and timeslot with capacity control
  4. Automated emails, such as Confirmation emails, Reminder Emails, etc.
  5. Monitor attendance status in real-time
  6. Smart Check-in with QR Scan and onsite registration process

Here is how EventNook check-in manages guest registration at the event

We also provide onboarding assistance, such as product training to onsite training, so you are in good hands to run a big school event. EventNook has cooperated with a number of schools in order to manage their open house event greatly. We are glad that the schools trust our services. We look forward to participating in more educational communities for years to come.

EventNook is based in Singapore, and we are one of the leading event technology companies in Asia. Our mission is to continue to build a scalable event management platform by simplifying and, in many ways, redefining the old event management process. We take into account every event we have assisted in managing, and using this insight, we have optimized our use of the latest innovations in cloud and mobile technologies. We have empowered event organizers and planners to create a truly successful series of events.

If you are looking for an innovative event platform to organize your school activities, drop us a note, and our event success team will be glad to assist your school events successfully. Learning more about EventNook –