What’s QR Code?

Scan this QR code for URL information

QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is quite similar to a barcode which contains machine-readable data (alpha numeric A123456 like ID or characters). Unlike a regular barcode, QR Code is two dimensional, i.e. it contains information both in vertical and horizontal directions (black dotted within square shape) therefore, it can contain a lot more information.

The limitation of barcode is that it can contact only simple and short length of limited characters like 10 digits such as Product ID (For example, A0001). Since QR code is two dimensional, it can contains up to 4290 alphanumeric characters. Because of this capability, it opens up for various use cases creatively in our daily life and replacing barcode.

That’s why we can use QR code for sharing information such as Website URL in product brochure or promotional flyers, Person’s e-Business card in QR code, etc. by interacting with our mobile phone camera ability to scan QR Code.

Nowadays, most events use QR Code for various reasons.

Using QR codes at conferences and other events

  • QR Code as an e-Ticketing sent via email or SMS which save time for collection of physical tickets when people purchase tickets online for events and activities. The organizers can easily scan QR Code with an event app like EventNook Kiosk Check-in to control admission and onsite registration. See the sample video below.
Smart check-in with QR Code
  • QR code to drive ticket sales and registration – The event website can be shared as QR Code in promotional flyers and road show promotion to allow people easily scan QR code and visit the event website to purchase tickets
  • Share the event information such as speakers, agenda, map, etc. via QR code
  • Print QR Code in name badge to share e-business card in the event. See the sample picture below.
Conference Name Badge with QR Code

About EventNook

Event Management Software company based in Singapore which allows event planners and event organizers to manage events registration and ticketing operation smoothly and efficiently. With our easy to use event platform, users can set up professional looking event website, registration form and online payments with a few clicks and launch online registration and ticket sales immediately.

EventNook started with a humble beginning in 2012 to make organizing events easy and hassle-free for event organizers. Here, we are building the world class innovative event management platform by simplifying and redefining the old event management process with innovative solutions and leveraging on world class cloud and mobile based technologies. We have grown our business organically from serving a couple of events to thousands of events over 20 countries. We build our business from the ground up with one event at a time and we take pride in delivering great event experiences and make events inspiring. 

An EventNook Update – 9 New Features All at Once!

EventNook has released an update of 9 new features all at once, what can be more exciting than that? Business users now experience a cutting-edge online registration system, one of astounding efficiency and seamless integration.

Following these 9 new features, EventNook plans to roll out its PRO Package plans, which comprise of a string of these thrilling new features, in addition to EventNook’s PRO Support. This PRO Package plans would allow event professionals access to reliable services, more comprehensive features and better support. This would bring them less unnecessary enquiring, with an increased amount of quality assistance.

9 new updates on eventnook

If you have not already discovered them, we want to make sure you know about the latest and greatest updates so we can share our joy with you!


QR Code Ticketing is one of the ways event planners have been trying to revolutionize their events! It’s provides a smart way to verify tickets, allows for seamless/ fast attendance tracking in real time and allows event organisers to go paperless! EventNook now brings this function to you so you don’t have to do it yourself! Impress your attendees and save resources with QR Code Ticketing.

qr code ticketing


Customize email templates and bring communication with event attendees to a more personal level. With this feature, event organisers are able customize messages on tips about the event day, add images such as maps, state terms and conditions, venue information and much more. Doing this with EventNook is so simple yet is so effective – simply click edit message to communicate your thoughts. A must use feature!

customise email feature


This feature is especially useful for conferences in which most of the attendees are sent by business and require payment via company invoicing. This automated invoicing saves event organisers the hassle of having to manually produce invoices. Imagine an event with 500 delegates has to issue invoice for 500 registrations? Well, scrape that thought, EventNook’s latest feature does it all for you.

receipt and invoice feature


The Tax Setting Option is another useful feature. If your organization requires to collect GST/ VAT service tax from your ticket sales, you can easily set tax charges in your ticket price.


With the Google Analytics feature, you have complete visibility and ability to analyse how people visiting your event page, which websites are promoting your event, where are visitors coming from and much more. This would allow you to improve your event page further for present or future purposes.

google analytics
Credits: Daimto


This time, we wanted to make event registration even more complete than before. Thus, we added the Ads Tracking Code feature so event marketing teams could track their Ads Campaign performances and sign-up conversion rates. This will allow event organisers to measure cost and effectiveness of each social media event marketing campaign and various online ticket sales campaigns.

facebook adsCredits: SproutSocial


As you probably would have observed, our latest update focuses a lot on customization. We designed these features because we really wanted users to have better access to a more personal, individual and customized form of communication with their attendees. The thank you message brings this a step further.


This feature allows flexibility with regards to the call to action. For example, for ticketing event, you might want to say “Buy Ticket” and if you are organizing a business workshop or conference, you may want to say “Register Now” or “RSVP Event”. This feature allows you to do things exactly the way you want it.

customise thank you button


If you want to set a date for your event to automatically close, you can now do so under Settings. Let’s say if you want to close the registration 2 days before the event, you can now do so without worrying about remembering to change it manually.

EventNook aims to continually improve the user experience for all event organisers. Our team is ever ready to produce features to attend to the latest needs or trends of the event industry at the cheapest and most affordable rates.


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