Streamlining Onsite Registration for WordCamp Asia with EventNook

WordCamp Asia is the first flagship WordCamp in Asia, joining other flagship WordCamps like WordCamp US, Europe, and Centroamérica. Bangkok was chosen as the first host city due to its central location in Asia, accessibility, attractive landmarks, delicious food, and friendly people. This case study showcases how EventNook’s end-to-end event management solution helped streamline the onsite registration process for WordCamp Asia.

Requirements by WordCamp Asia

With more than 1,500 attendees and a diverse range of activities at the conference, the WordCamp Asia team needs to deliver the registration on the event day smart, efficiently, and innovative. These included:

  1. Ensuring a fast and seamless check-in experience for attendees
  2. Communicating all of the attendees with event information
  3. Instantly printing badges for attendees upon check-in
  4. Managing different categories of guests, such as speakers, sponsors, and general attendees
  5. Real-time attendance tracking and monitoring
  6. Admission control for various tracks and activities, including Welcome Party and After Party events

EventNook’s Solution

EventNook provided a comprehensive solution to address WordCamp Asia’s registration challenges, streamlining the entire process and ensuring a smooth experience for all participants.

  1. Fast and Seamless Check-in with QR Scan: EventNook’s check-in system enabled attendees to quickly check in using a QR code sent to their email upon registration. This streamlined the check-in process and minimized wait times, allowing attendees to focus on the event’s activities.
  2. Instant Badge Printing: EventNook’s instant badge printing solution ensured that attendees received their badges as soon as they checked in. This eliminated the need for pre-printed badges and reduced waste while maintaining a professional appearance.
  3. Managing Different Categories of Guests: EventNook’s event management platform allowed WordCamp Asia to categorize guests into different groups, such as speakers, sponsors, and general attendees. This helped the event staff to provide personalized service and manage access to various event areas.
  4. Real-Time Attendance Tracking: EventNook’s real-time attendance tracking feature enabled WordCamp Asia organizers to monitor the number of attendees at any given time, ensuring that the event remained within capacity and complied with safety regulations.
  5. Admission Control for Different Tracks and Activities: EventNook’s admission control feature facilitated efficient management of access to various tracks and activities, including the Welcome Party and After Party events. This ensured that only authorized attendees could enter specific areas, creating a secure and organized event environment.

Check out the video below to learn how the guests can check in the event with no queue and fuss-free experience.


By partnering with EventNook, WordCamp Asia successfully managed a large-scale event with a diverse range of activities, while providing a seamless and efficient registration experience for all attendees. The combination of QR scanning, instant badge printing, real-time attendance tracking, and admission control allowed WordCamp Asia to deliver a memorable event that met the needs of its guests and organizers alike.

Feedback from the organizer – Jon @ HumanMade

[10:33 am, 22/02/2023] Jon Ang (HumanMade): Hello Joe! Your team went over and beyond! We are very happy with your services

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