[News] Updated Safety Management Measures (SMM) of Singapore for MICE events effective from 15-Mar-2022

We are happy to share the recent updates of SMM MICE events in Singapore and we would like to share the summary of notes from SACEOS and STB for event planners and event professionals who are planning for physical MICE events in Singapore.

SACEOS and STB have made the summary of SMM for MICE events to understand easily and we would like to share their updates from the newsletter as below with the event industry.

SMMs for MICE events from 15 March 2022

1) Safe distancing is encouraged but not required between individuals or groups in all mask-on settings.

2) Safe distancing of at least 1 meter between groups of up to 5 participants is required for all mask-off settings e.g. during meals, unmasked speakers. 

3) No limit on the maximum number of participants provided the event venue can accommodate

4) No zoning requirements

5) No distinction between seated events (e.g. conferences) and roaming events (e.g. trade shows)

6) Live performances, where incidental, will be permitted.

Event Capacity Limits

1) Events with ≤1,000 participants at a time: no capacity limit. 

2) Events with >1,000 participants at a time: capacity is limited to 50% of the maximum number of individuals specified in the most recent approval under section 55 of the Fire Safety Act 1993, or 50% of the fixed seating for the Event Venue, whichever is the higher. Participants must, as far as is reasonably practicable, be evenly spread out when present in the event venue. 

3) The total operating capacity at any point in time will include all participants of the event, including exhibitors, media attending the event, speakers, participants’ liaison officers, etc.

4) EO staff who are also participating in the event (e.g. as speakers, audience members, etc.) are included in the total operating capacity. All other EO staff and external service providers are excluded.

Up to 50 participants^ at a time

More than 50 participants at a time

Safe distancing of at least 1 metre between groups of up to 5 participants where masks are not worn.

[From 15 March 2022] Capacity limit of 50%[3] for events with >1,000 participants at a time. No zoning requirements

Safe distancing of at least 1 metre between groups of up to 5 participants where masks are not worn.

Adhere to Safe Management Measures (SMMs) at the Workplace by the Ministry of Manpower here.

MICE event application is not required.

^includes Event Organisers but excludes premises staff at third party venues

Both the Event Organiser and Event Venue (collectively, EOs) must submit an application for STB’s assessment and for the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) to approve the EO carrying out the event.

An individual must be:

a) fully vaccinated*, or

b) within the 180-day exemption period after recovery from COVID-19.

Application Process

1) Apply at https://go.gov.sg/submit-wre-mice

2) The following information and documents are required to complete the application:

a)  Event itinerary including floorplan (PDF, max 10 MB) and

b)  Applicant’s details e.g. UEN details of event organizers and venues

3) Each MICE event and its related marketing efforts may be carried out only after receiving written approval from MTI. Please note that MTI has the right to impose stricter/additional SMMs or vary some SMMs.

4) EOs must submit their application at least 1 month prior to each MICE event. STB and MTI will take up to 14 business days to assess each application.

For any inquiries on the application process, please contact businessevents@stb.gov.sg

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