[Case Study] How EventNook Empowers Corporate Conferences with Seamless and No Queue VIP Registration Experience

Cities of the Future is an annual event hosted by IMG that discusses innovative solutions and technologies to build the connected city of the future in the ASEAN cities. This event is taking place at Hilton Orchard on Wednesday, 2 March 2022. 

This gathering of civic, corporate, and startup leaders, all of whom are involved in driving the growth, planning, and development of ASEAN cities, looked at city development strategies as well as the deployment of new solutions and technology to create the connected city of the future. A full day of case studies, panels, keynotes, roundtables, pitching, and workshops was held for delegates.

For two years in a row (2021 and 2022) EventNook has helped them in succeeding the event. We provided the smart and seamless check-in with a badge printing solution for this event to streamline the onsite registration process but still stick to the safe management measures (SMM) provided by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and directly worked with the event organiser.

In this event, we provided several services as mentioned below:

Onsite Mobile Kiosk Check-in with QR Code

To minimize the touchpoints on the event site, QR Code check-in is really helpful. The delegates only need to show their QR Code to the screen of a gadget that is connected to the badge printer and they will be seamlessly checked-in in 3 seconds. 

Zone and Table Number 

Due to the Covid-19 cases in Singapore, the Safety Management Measure allowed conducting events with zoning requirements to prevent more spread of the virus. As for the MICE events, the guests are generally provided with the designated sear. The organizer can easily send out each guest’s zone and table number through email with one click. The email can be personalized. This detailed information on zone and table numbers will help the guests to proceed to their seats in a well-organized process.

Personalized Email Template

For events, an email blast is needed to inform the delegates about important details related to the event. It could be a Confirmation Email, Pending Email, Cancellation Email, or any other kind of information that can be sent through email. With our feature, event managers can personalize the content of the email depending on what is needed, consisting of the Zone and Table Number. No need to send each zone and number one by one but it can be easily done with one click. 

Instant Badge Printing

We provided Instant Badge Printing with environmentally friendly badge paper and don’t require additional plastic badge holders. Besides saving the earth from plastic waste, it also saves more waiting time for inserting the badge inside the holder. 

Equipment Rental and Setup

To access the onsite check-in and badge printing, the organizer will need the equipment, such as an iPad and badge printer. Some organizers might not have their own iPad and badge printer so we give them a solution by renting our products and being set up by our team. It will ease the process since the organizer doesn’t need another vendor to provide the equipment. 

The organizer can also monitor the attendance in real-time to see the guest registration status,  how many guests, VIPs, speakers, and delegates have arrived, and how many haven’t to do coordination with the other team members. It can be monitored through EventNook Kiosk App or the website. 

EventNook is proud to take part in a success story of another successful corporate conference that discussed innovative solutions and technologies to build the connected city of the future in the ASEAN cities.

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[Case Study] How EventNook helped the Shipyard Naming Ceremony with fast and seamless registration management

Shipyard Naming Ceremony Event in Singapore

In December 2021, EventNook has helped Sembcorp Marine with its event registration management system for the Shipyard Naming Ceremony event of the Regional Production Facility (RPF) for Shell Offshore Inc which was successfully completed and ready to commission. It’s named Vito [Learn more].

Sembcorp has decided to do the in-person physical event with special guests who are the engineers, staff, and VIP guests who have contributed to this significant project. The event planner got only less than 10 days to make it happen as it was the last-minute approval to host the physical event. The event team has to make it happen very quickly and efficiently to manage the event invitation, registration (RSVP), and onsite guest management with safe management measures (SMM).

Here is how guests check-in with EventNook Check-in Kiosk and instant badge printing.

Onsite Guest Check-in and Badge Printing on Shipyard Naming Ceremony

The EventNook helped the organizer with the following services to streamline the event management and manage efficiently in a timely manner when the lead time is very short.

  • RSVP with Zone Assignment (Up to 50 guests per zone)
  • Automated Event Reminder Email Blast
  • Equipment Rental and Onsite Registration Supervision

With a simple and easy-to-setup EventNook Registration Platform, the organizer can easily set up the online event registration site in 30 minutes without product training and he sent out invitations to all guests to simply RSVP online immediately. As the online registration site is mobile-friendly, the guests can easily RSVP in less than 2 minutes on the go via their mobile.

Once the guests complete the registration, the confirmation email will be immediately sent to their registered email along with the QR Code that later will be used for the Touchless Smart QR Code Check-in.

EventNook provided Equipment Rental and Fuss-free Onsite Setup for the event. It’s very important for the organizer not to have a long queue and long waiting time at the registration counter with a minimum touchpoint in this COVID-19 Pandemic. With EventNook’s fast and touchless QR check-in process, the guests can check-in and collect their badge in 3 seconds. The attendees checked into four different zones and when they arrived by shuttle buses with 40 attendees in a time, it only took around 3-5 minutes for them to check in.

Since our onsite check-in platform provides a real-time attendance dashboard, the organizer can coordinate efficiently with Emcee and its team to kick start the ceremony.

The organizer is delighted with the fast, smooth, and innovative registration process as it gave a great experience to their guests attending the naming ceremony on the auspicious day of the shipyard.

We are happy that the event runs smoothly and are delighted to have a contribution to this event. Are you planning an event that requires a fast and seamless event registration service? Do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com and we will be glad to provide a free consultation.


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