Introducing EventNook Kiosk 3: Redefining Event Registration and Check-In

We are excited to announce the latest upgrade to our event registration and check-in solution: EventNook Kiosk 3. By prioritizing attendee satisfaction, efficiency, and innovation, we aim to significantly overhaul event management. With a range of powerful features, this enhanced version will elevate event experiences and enable organizers to create unforgettable moments for their attendees.

What makes this update truly special is that it’s a product of our unwavering commitment to serving our customers and delivering success, event after event. It’s not just another release; it’s a culmination of the invaluable lessons we’ve learned from every single event we’ve had the privilege to support.

With EventNook Kiosk 3, we have reimagined event registration and check-in processes to provide you with a seamless and efficient experience. This version has been meticulously crafted based on the invaluable feedback and insights we’ve gathered from organizers like you. We understand the challenges you face on the ground, and we’ve developed this solution to address your specific needs.

Authenticity is at the core of our approach. We strive to deliver genuine value, eliminating the fluff and focusing on what truly matters to our customers. Our goal is to help you create memorable events that leave a lasting impact on your attendees.

Here are some highlights of our new EventNook Kiosk 3.

Experience a Wow and Delightful Check-In: With just a simple QR scan, the badge is ready in 2 seconds. Say goodbye to long queues and tedious paperwork. Our streamlined check-in process ensures a seamless and efficient experience, allowing your guests to swiftly gain access and indulge in the event they have been eagerly anticipating. Let the excitement begin with a hassle-free entry, so your guests can focus on enjoying every moment of the show.

Super Easy and Simple: You may be handling a big event. Our tool is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, making it as effortless as driving a Tesla or using WhatsApp.

Sleek Design, Effortless Experience: EventNook Kiosk 3 showcases a sleek and modern design, carefully crafted to captivate attendees from arrival. With an intuitive user interface, the registration and check-in processes have never been easier. Our kiosk ensures a hassle-free experience, enabling attendees through the steps, reducing queues, and optimizing the event journey.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential: We understand the importance of brand consistency and the impact it has on an event’s success. With EventNook Kiosk 3, organizers can effortlessly showcase their brand’s identity. Our customizable branding options empower organizers to create a visually stunning kiosk that aligns seamlessly with their event’s theme, from logos to color schemes, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Embrace Contactless Interactions: In today’s world, safety and hygiene take center stage. EventNook Kiosk 3 is equipped with cutting-edge technology to offer contactless registration and check-in capabilities. Attendees can simply scan QR codes from their smartphones, minimizing physical contact while ensuring a seamless check-in experience. The result? A safer event environment that instills confidence and peace of mind for all attendees.

Fortress of Security: The protection of attendee data is a top priority for us. EventNook Kiosk 3 incorporates advanced security features to safeguard sensitive information. Built with encryption and following industry-standard security protocols, organizers can rest assured that attendee data remains secure throughout the registration and check-in process. Focus on creating an exceptional event experience, knowing that data privacy is handled with utmost care.

Stay Updated on Attendance in Real Time: With our mobile-enabled feature, you can conveniently track the real-time attendance status wherever you are. This allows for seamless coordination and effective communication with your team, ensuring a streamlined event management experience.

Unlock Insights, Make Informed Decisions: Organizers thrive on data-driven decision-making, and EventNook Kiosk 3 delivers valuable insights in real time. With comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, organizers can extract valuable information about attendance patterns, check-in trends, and attendee preferences. With these insights, organizers can make informed decisions to enhance future events and maximize attendee satisfaction.

Seamless Integration, Effortless Management: EventNook Kiosk 3 seamlessly integrates with our comprehensive suite of event management tools. From event registration and ticketing to onsite operations and attendee engagement, our kiosk effortlessly syncs with other EventNook modules. This unified ecosystem simplifies event management, saving organizers time and effort while ensuring a seamless experience for organizers and attendees.

Conclusion: EventNook Kiosk 3 sets the stage for a new era of event management, where attendee satisfaction and seamless experiences take center stage. With its sleek design, contactless interactions, robust security features, real-time analytics, and seamless integration capabilities, EventNook Kiosk 3 empowers organizers to unlock the true potential of their events. Embrace the future of event management with EventNook Kiosk 3 and create extraordinary moments that leave a lasting impact on attendees. Elevate your events to new heights and reimagine what’s possible with EventNook Kiosk 3.

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[Case Study] How EventNook helped the Shipyard Naming Ceremony with fast and seamless registration management

Shipyard Naming Ceremony Event in Singapore

In December 2021, EventNook has helped Sembcorp Marine with its event registration management system for the Shipyard Naming Ceremony event of the Regional Production Facility (RPF) for Shell Offshore Inc which was successfully completed and ready to commission. It’s named Vito [Learn more].

Sembcorp has decided to do the in-person physical event with special guests who are the engineers, staff, and VIP guests who have contributed to this significant project. The event planner got only less than 10 days to make it happen as it was the last-minute approval to host the physical event. The event team has to make it happen very quickly and efficiently to manage the event invitation, registration (RSVP), and onsite guest management with safe management measures (SMM).

Here is how guests check-in with EventNook Check-in Kiosk and instant badge printing.

Onsite Guest Check-in and Badge Printing on Shipyard Naming Ceremony

The EventNook helped the organizer with the following services to streamline the event management and manage efficiently in a timely manner when the lead time is very short.

  • RSVP with Zone Assignment (Up to 50 guests per zone)
  • Automated Event Reminder Email Blast
  • Equipment Rental and Onsite Registration Supervision

With a simple and easy-to-setup EventNook Registration Platform, the organizer can easily set up the online event registration site in 30 minutes without product training and he sent out invitations to all guests to simply RSVP online immediately. As the online registration site is mobile-friendly, the guests can easily RSVP in less than 2 minutes on the go via their mobile.

Once the guests complete the registration, the confirmation email will be immediately sent to their registered email along with the QR Code that later will be used for the Touchless Smart QR Code Check-in.

EventNook provided Equipment Rental and Fuss-free Onsite Setup for the event. It’s very important for the organizer not to have a long queue and long waiting time at the registration counter with a minimum touchpoint in this COVID-19 Pandemic. With EventNook’s fast and touchless QR check-in process, the guests can check-in and collect their badge in 3 seconds. The attendees checked into four different zones and when they arrived by shuttle buses with 40 attendees in a time, it only took around 3-5 minutes for them to check in.

Since our onsite check-in platform provides a real-time attendance dashboard, the organizer can coordinate efficiently with Emcee and its team to kick start the ceremony.

The organizer is delighted with the fast, smooth, and innovative registration process as it gave a great experience to their guests attending the naming ceremony on the auspicious day of the shipyard.

We are happy that the event runs smoothly and are delighted to have a contribution to this event. Are you planning an event that requires a fast and seamless event registration service? Do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be glad to provide a free consultation.


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