Track these indirect metrics for powerful insights about your events

Successful event planners are historians. They continuously analyse the reasons for success and failures and avoid the same mistakes the next time. However, the smart event planner will make their analytics time and cost-efficient. He will know which metric to track to gain the most insight for the least amount of effort.

Of course, direct metrics like number of attendees, ticket sales, post-event feedback and press coverage are very helpful to gauge event success, but indirect metrics can reveal much more about event attendee behaviour and unlikely insights.

Which incentives and premiums worked and didn’t work: Check for ticket spikes when you have early bird promotions, last minute discounts, etc. Make sure that the incentives you promote brought in a significant spike in ticket sales! And were premium tickets more popular than cheap tickets?

The number of people you didn’t expect to come: This tells you how successful event marketing was. Besides investing in marketing to bring in a certain segment of people you had in mind, your marketing efforts doubled or even tripled as it brought in people for whom you had not paid for in terms of advertising to attend the event. ROI is higher.

Competitors’ response: You can always rely on this metric to get a hint of event success. Imitation is the biggest compliment. Make sure you don’t give them the opportunity to stay dominant by planning event follow-ups and continuing to engage with the press

The number of people who came again: If you are planning an event again, the number of repeat event-attendees tells you a lot about the success of your previous event. Of course, this metric is limited because of the time lapse of receiving the information.

Organic social media activity and engagement: You can easily gauge genuine excitement for your event from the social media response. Number of shares reveal quality of content, number of likes reveal outreach of content, number of comments reveal level of engagement and personal resonance your event had (unless they are inflammatory complaints ><). Of course, this is contingent on your ability to organise a social media strategy and make it easy for people to share on social media.


Marketing engagement: Knowing which marketing campaign was most successful in driving sales or had the highest level of engagement can help you ascertain what really interests your target event attendees. Your marketing investment can have greater non-monetary returns if you use it to understand your audience and plan a more relevant event.

To save time, using mobile event analytical tools can help you track real-time event data. This allows you to gather data on event goers’ behaviour so that you can pre-empt them and make necessary logistical and organisational changes for the next event.

Here are some hard metrics that will come in handy for planning smoother events in the future:

  • When are most people arriving?
  • Do they prefer lingering outside or do they look for seats?
  • Preferred transportation mode
  • Crowd movement, where do the queues form?
  • Level of engagement

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Key highlights of Singapore MICE 2020 in next 5 years for event planners

BannerThe MICE 2020 roadmap was released in end 2014 and remains a useful tool to understand the key trends for the next 5 years in the MICE (Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions) industry. Wherever you are based at, Singapore is likely a MICE destination you will come across. Being Asia’s top convention city for the 10th straight year, Singapore is a world-class MICE destination you don’t want to miss out on.

Best of all, the Singapore Tourism Board has developed a strategy to bring MICE Singapore to greater heights. As event planners, the roadmap serves as a useful guide to spot new opportunities and leverage new systems. Here are a few things you should keep your tabs on.

Credits: Singapore Tourism Board

1. Move to Big Data

– It’s time to leverage big data for your events. Big data can be extremely useful for event planners to track attendee behaviour over time and spot key stats so that you you can plan your event smarter

– STB will be offering more educational opportunities to businesses and companies so it’s a great chance for you to learn how your events and businesses can tap big data

2. Seamless Wifi

– Make sure your event will be ready to leverage the availability of wifi as STB aims to partner with MICE venues and telcos to offer greater accessibility to free wifi.

How can you use this freely available wifi to engage with your event attendees better? How can you make your event more wifi-friendly?

Why not utilise real-time social media reporting for your event to inject some excitement and also encourage greater social media marketing! You can also get your event attendees to use their mobile phones to answer polls or engage with you!

3. Plan your event to coincide with a major event week

One of the visions in the Roadmap is to “Wrap the City Around the Business Event” and STB aims to develop city-wide activities and campaigns that centre around major business event weeks. Planning your event during a major event week can allow you to ride the coattails of an already well-publicised and well-established event so that your event will be an even greater success.

4. Key MICE grants

– For tourism companies

  • TIP-iT: Training Industry Professionals in Tourism scheme supports tourism companies in employee upgrading (Singapore-registered)
  • TTF: Tourism Technology Fund for technology innovation and adoption (Singapore-registered)

– If you’re in the business events industry

  • BEis: Business Events in Singapore (BEiS) scheme seeks to encourage business events industry to anchor and grow quality events and catalyse innovation of new content (Open to all Businesses/ Companies/ Associations in MICE)
  • BIF: Business Improvement Fund supports companies to redesign their business models, processes and systems for commercial sustainability (Singapore-registered)

– For experimenting new concepts

  • KF: Kickstart Fund supports creation and test-bedding of innovative lifestyle concepts and events with strong tourism potential and scalability (Open to all legal entities)

5. Innovate and adopt event technology

STB aims to help businesses and companies adopt technology across the event life cycle, from event registration and ticketing to engagement and post-event analytics.

There has never been a better time to begin accelerating business growth as we see a boom in tech and greater government support, both financially and operationally to execute this.

Singapore is moving to become a smarter city by leveraging on the Internet of Things (IOT) and big data. STB understands that events are key to developing Singapore’s status as a vibrant, open, friendly and world-class hub. Therefore, positioning your event or business in a way that allows you to tap on new technologies that Singapore will adopt, looking out for educational and upgrading opportunities, networking with the right crowd and partnering Singapore-based businesses who will also be looking to leverage these opportunities (if you are not Singapore-registered), can help you maximise the next 5 years in Singapore’s MICE industry.


Request for a copy of the roadmap by emailing with your full name, designation, company, name of the report and its intended use. 

With inputs from and Singapore MICE 2020 Roadmap 


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